12 Hot Kama Sutra Positions

Ready to spice up your sex life? Check out these sexy new moves you’ll both love!

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kamasutra sex positions

There’s a reason that the Kama Sutra has been the go-to sex position guide for thousands of years.

When most people think of the Kama Sutra, they might think about detailed illustrated books entailing acrobatic poses to create the most awesome sexual experiences ever.

The actual Kama Sutra, however, has quite a bit more information in it. The Kama Sutra is an ancient book of love – it is not just a book of sex positions.

The Kama Sutra was written as a point of reference for young men. It discusses the balance between the inner self and our duties to family and community. Vatsayana includes the science of sex – and the famous 64 positions – in the section about our need for love and erotic fulfillment.

There are also some other handy tips in there, such as how to sneak into a harem, if the need for that information should ever arise!

Not all of the 64 positions Vatsayana describes in the original Kama Sutra are acrobatic moves that require you to be a contortionist to pull off. Thanks to the Internet, most of them are probably already familiar to you.

Splitting the Bamboo

For this position, the woman lies on her back but allows her weight to shift slightly onto one hip. She then lifts one leg into the air. Her lover straddles the leg left on the bed and gently places her raised leg onto his shoulder.

The Splitting Bamboo pose allows the man to control the rhythm and depth of penetration. He can also choose to bite and kiss the ankle of the leg rested on his shoulders for added eroticism. She can lie back and rest her hands on his hips, bed sheets or find another use for them?

Indrani Pose

In Hindu cosmology, the process of creation emerged from primordial chaos and a frenzied sensuality. The idea is our world was created as an act of love between the gods and goddesses; making the formation of the universe both sacred and erotic.

Because making love is a sacred act, it is very important for both individuals to respect each other as though you are in the presence of a god or goddess.

For the Indrani Position, she should lay on the bed, with her legs drawn to her chest in a fetal position. Her feet are in the air.

Her lover then supports his weight on his arms and penetrates her from the top. If you wish to change the angle and get deeper penetration, place a pillow under her butt.

The Bull

Another gorgeous and playful female on-top position, the Kama Sutra Bull is reasonably easy to do. The man lies on the bed, face-up and with his legs together and his lover straddles him facing his feet.

It’s reverse cowgirl, just a little different. The woman leans forward, supporting her weight with her arms, which should rest near his knees.

The Lotus

Sitting on a table, or perhaps a washing machine, the woman leans back and awaits penetration. Her lover approaches her from the front and pulls her gently toward him, raising her buttocks slightly off the high surface. Locking her legs around his buttock or lower back depending on the length of her legs, she locks her feet together as he penetrates her.

The man may choose to nibble and kiss her breasts as she pulls his hair. Or the man may choose to sit on the edge of the bed and his lover may sit on top of him and wrap her legs around his back. From there he can embrace her like a padlock.

This is a beautifully intimate position and one of my favorites. If you feel cold, wrap a big blanket around the both of you. By leaning back as they rock together, she can let her lover kiss her breasts.

Widely Opened

The woman has an unusual amount of room to express her lust in this variation on the ordinary man-on-top position.

Because his hips are high in the air rather than pinning her to the bed, she’s free to thrust, grind, and wiggle as much as she wants.

The Elephant Posture

Animalistic, primitive, and positioned to hit super-sensitive spots, this steamy sex move is inspired by the mating of elephants.

In the Kama Sutra Elephant Posture, he penetrates from behind, supporting his weight on his arms, straddling the outside of her thighs

Rear entry positions like the Elephant are fantastic for fantasizing because you can pretend your partner is whoever you want him or her to be! Her hands are free to reach underneath, and he’ll hit the sensitive front vaginal wall, so there’s more chance of a G-spot orgasm.