The Spider

The Spider Sex Position is sure to stimulate you in ways you would never expect – and your man will love it too.

To do this position, the woman must lower herself down onto her partner’s penis, and then SLOWLY, SLOWLY lean herself back until she is lying backwards at a similar angle to him, with her legs extended by his head.

When you are correctly in the position, you should look like an β€œX.”

His cock will barely be inside your vagina – which is what aids to prolonging sex. However, the penis head is what is most sensitive, and he gets to see all the action, so he should be very happy.

tantric sex positions

There is very little movement involved in this position. You can hold hands and β€œpull” toward each other, or you can can grab onto his thighs to pull him in.

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Either partner can easily reach the her clitoris – which is what aids in orgasm – and because the penis is riding on the TOP of the vaginal wall, the possibility for a G-Spot orgasm is pretty high!

The Spider is one overall favorite, and if you try it, it will be one of yours as well!