As men, we hear a lot of sex advice about hitting a woman’s G-spot.

There are all sorts of fingering techniques, tongue tricks, and of course… advice for how to penetrate her during sex for maximum G-spot stimulation.

But what really works? And how can you give her a G-spot orgasm the fastest? It’s easier than you think!

g spot orgasm

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The G-spot is responsible for some of the most intense orgasms a woman can have – and if you want to make her addicted to your touch, mastering her g-spot is the way to do it.

The problem is that a lot of guys have a hard time finding the right area and frustration often ends up getting the best of them.

Of course, every woman’s body is unique. But… EVERY woman can have a g spot orgasm.

If you want to give your lover the most satisfying sexual experience she can have, the sequence of moves I’m about to show you is almost universal.

4 Steps to Give *ANY* Woman a G-Spot Orgasm

how to make a woman squirt
  1. 1. Warm Up

    Here’s something you probably don’t know about the G-spot: The more aroused she is, the more her g-spot will swell, becoming easier to find and more responsive to stimulation.

    So take things slooooow to begin.

    Tease her. Have her lie down and just focus on her. Don’t rush for her breasts or genitals. Spend a couple minutes caressing and kissing her. Take your time.

    A few minutes of teasing before you go to the next step will make it tons easier to get her off. Believe me.

  2. make her cum
  3. 2. Mad Oral

    She’s going to need 3 to 4 minutes of direct clitoral stimulation to get aroused enough for the next part to work. For some women, it may be more.

    The best way to do that is to go down on her.

    If oral isn’t doable, you can always use your fingers with a little dab of lube. The important part is to go easy at first. A good place to start is to make either an up-and-down motion or small circles around her clit.

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    I know it sounds repetitive, but it’s better to resist the temptation and wait until she’s begging for a finger inside before you go to the next step.

  4. how to make a woman cum
  5. 3. Simultaneous Clitoral & Vaginal Stimulation

    Every woman will feel an intense desire for penetration as you’re licking and rubbing her clit. When she’s good and wet, slide a finger inside her.

    If you can get a couple of fingers inside her vagina, even better! It’s best to use your index finger and ring finger.

    Massage the vaginal wall that’s closest to the clitoris, paying attention to where she’s the most sensitive. Focus on that spot, gradually intensifying pressure and increasing the tempo.

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    How exactly you rub the G-spot depends on how she’s wired, and you can only figure that out through trial and error.

    I’m sure you’ve seen the fingertip “come hither” motion in porn. That’s uncomfortable for many women. If so, turn your hand over and use your knuckles to massage back and forth across the upper wall.

    You might find that the best sensation is just steady, direct pressure. Adding clitoral stimulation is a simple way to increase the intensity.

    Or, try tapping. With a finger pressing dead against the center of her g-spot, tap your finger rhythmically against the area.

    As she starts to come, her hips will start to move erratically. Use your arms and hands to restrain her as needed. For example, take your hand and press down on her pubic bone, keeping her “glued” to the bed.

  6. female orgasm
    How to make a woman cum during sex

    4. Don’t Stop!

    Three simple steps and she’ll have an orgasm, but don’t stop yet. Most women have a clitoral orgasm before the g-spot orgasm. The clitoral orgasm works to lubricate and “open up” her vagina.

    If you’ve wondered what it would feel like to be inside a woman when she has a g-spot orgasm, nows your chance. Once her G-Spot is nice and swollen from all the manual build up, this is the perfect time to switch it up and head for the home run!

    If you need to give her a break for a couple seconds to catch her breath, that’s OK.

    Keep massaging that spot internally, and you’ll give her a vaginal orgasm. This is the kind that can involve her entire body, making her feel numb and shiver with excitement.

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    The most important part of g-spot directed intercourse is your thrusting technique, which you can modify specifically to aim for a vaginal orgasm.

    More than anything else, being focused on the location of her g-spot and aiming to hit that area with every stroke will maximize your chances of getting all the way to that sweet, wet release.

Keep in mind, many women can’t reach orgasm through vaginal sex at all.

When her G-spot is stimulated the right way, a woman can have multiple orgasms one after the other. Believe me, once you have given her this pleasure, she will crave you.

Now obviously, what I’ve given you here is just the basics.

If you want to be the best she’s ever had, watch this video and learn how to quickly and easily give your woman the most intense orgasms of her life.