Make Her Squirt

Master this move and give your lover the most amazing orgasm she's ever had

Have you ever wanted to make a woman squirt… and watch her enjoy the most intense, full-body orgasm of her life?

Her eyes roll back as she moans in ecstasy. Her body shakes as you feel her vagina get super-tight around you, and she just lets go in a gush of wet bliss.

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If you’re a guy who wants to give his lover the most amazing orgasm she’s ever had, this is for you.

make her squirt
Make Her Squirt

Thankfully, squirting is much more than a sexual talent only porn stars have. It happens to real women in real life.

Every woman can ejaculate, just like every man. It’s simply a matter of understanding her body and using the right sequence of sex moves.

With a little bit of know-how and a fair amount of patience, you can master the technique yourself.

  1. make her squirt

    Foreplay is Crucial

    Squirting orgasms tend to be pretty big orgasms. And she won’t be able to achieve those if she isn’t fully turned on.

    You’ll have a much better chance of making her squirt if she’s hella horny first, so make sure you’re building up to your squirting technique. Start with flirting, teasing, some lighter foreplay.

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    Kiss her neck, lick her nipples, and squeeze her hips. Talk dirty to her while you softly rub her pussy. Give her clit some slow licks to really warm her up.

    Get her breathing heavily. Make her pant and moan and squirm. Then she’ll be ready for what’s coming next.

  2. make a girl squirt

    Focus on Her G-Spot

    It’s entirely possible to give a woman a squirting orgasm by stimulating her clit.

    My first squirting orgasms were all thanks to my massaging showerhead. Something about the way the jets sprayed against my clit created a perfect storm for some very warm and wet orgasms.

    The first time I squirted with a partner, it was during a pussy job. His cock slid across my pussy, rubbing against my lips and clit until it made me come hard.

    But even though it’s possible to achieve clitoral squirting orgasms, by far the easiest and most reliable way is with G-spot stimulation.

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    You shouldn’t neglect her clit. Rubbing and licking it is a great way to get her turned on and warmed up. And pleasuring your clit while you’re giving her internal stimulation is always a great move.

    But if you’re going to make her squirt, you should be focusing most of your efforts on her G-spot.

  3. g-spot

    Use Your Wrist

    When you’re using your fingers to pleasure a woman’s G-spot, chances are you’re doing one of two things.

    You’re either pushing your fingers in and out of her pussy or you’re keeping your hand in place and moving your index and middle fingers in that “come hither” motion.

    Both of those are fantastic. They feel really fucking good and do a good job of stimulating the G-spot.

    What they both do, though, is rub the G-spot.

    If you want to make your partner squirt, you should press it or tap it instead.

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    There’s something about rhythmic pressure on the G-spot that encourages some very wet orgasms.

    The trick is in your wrist.

    Slide your middle finger and ring finger inside her. Crook them like to make a “come hither” motion, but instead of rubbing, hold them in place and just move your wrist.

    Your hand will move in a rocking motion and your fingers will press her in the perfect spot to make her gush.

  4. make her cum

    Get the Rythm

    Some women, like myself, tend to prefer slow or soft stimulation. My best orgasms tend to come from slow and steady action.

    But squirting’s different. It usually takes a lot of speed and vigor.

    You don’t have to go too hard when you’re massaging her G-spot (in fact, it might be uncomfortable if you use too much force) but you definitely have to go fast.

    It might be possible to get her to squirt by going slowly, but I haven’t found it to be very effective. And judging from every squirting video I’ve seen, speed seems pretty much essential.

    So, really put your arm into it. Use up as much energy as you can.

    You might end up feeling a bit sore. Your arm will probably need a break. If her G-Spot is nice and swollen from all the manual build up, and you’ve always wondered what it would feel like to be inside a woman when she ejaculates, this is the perfect time to switch it up and head for the home run!

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    Don’t Stop!

    The most important part of g-spot directed intercourse is your thrusting technique.

    More than anything else, being conscious of the location of her g-spot and aiming to hit that spot with every stroke with maximize the chances of getting all the way to ejaculation.

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    If you have any kind of bend or curve to your member, you can play up this characteristic so that the curved bit hits her in just the right spot.

  6. make her squirt

    A lot of people don’t realize that making your partner squirt is actually a two person job.

    Flexing your PC muscles during sex will really amplify the intensity of your orgasm. Specifically, for a woman to squirt she’ll have to bear down while she’s cumming. At first, a woman might not want to do that, because it feels like need to pee.

    It takes some effort, but encourage her to relax and push out when she cums.

    When you’re ready to push her over the edge, press down slightly on her lower abdomen, just above the pubic bone. As a woman, you can do this yourself as well.

    This simple hand trick, which went viral on TikTok, is often the missing link to triggering that elusive G-spot orgasm.

  7. make her cum

    Squirting orgasms are very cool, visually appealing, and a good, splashy fun time in general.

    But the best thing about them is that they don’t have to be one and done. I’ve managed to have several squirting orgasms in a row.

    So, if you enjoyed making your partner come and gush, you don’t have to stop. You can keep making her squirt over and over until she’s spent, starting to get sore, or wants to move on to some other kind of action.

    Just keep pressing her G-spot as long as your wrist can take it and see how much she can handle.

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