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10 Hot Sex Positions You Can Easily Do While Laying On Your Side

Deep Impact

All that gyrating ensures that every thrust hits a new pleasure zone inside of you. The lower he goes, the deeper he gets. He may find spots you didn't even know you had!

Spooning Sex Position

A wonderful addition to your repertoire, many couples love side-by-side or the Spooning Sex Position because of the intimacy it offers.
pretzel sex position

Pretzel Sex Position

Of course pretzels taste good, but who knew twisting our bodies into one can make for such delicious pleasure.
sideways straddle sex position

Sideways Straddle

Relaxed and low impact, the Sideways Straddle is nevertheless deeply satisfying, making it a great sex position for smaller guys.
boys on the side sex position

Boys on the Side

The unique angle of this sideways sex pose creates sensations that are sizzingly different from typical from-behind intercourse because it puts you in position to hit all those hard-to-reach spots.
sideways missionary

Sideways Missionary

Looking for just the right position for intimate weekend sex? Side-entry Missionary is a great start, perfect for slow, sensuous lovemaking.

Face to Face

There’s nothing more intimate than Face to Face, slow, deep penetration. That's what makes this sex move one of our favorites.

Love’s Fusion

In this simple side-by-side position from The Perfumed Garden, you lie with your faces close together, creating an intimate mood of warmth and tenderness.

The Screw

An intimate style where you can easily see each others faces, The Screw is a great side entry sex position every couple should try.
hook sex position

The Hook

If you dig the steamy intimacy of spooning but it doesn't quite get you there, this tweak makes a huge difference!
scissors sex position


Turn up the heat! Not just reserved for girl-on-girl action, in the Scissors Position you snuggle like spoons, making it easy for you to gaze into each other's eyes and caress your lover's body.


Cuissade comes from cuisse, the French word for thigh. Try this one tonight, and you'll see why we consider the Cuissade one of the BEST sex positions. Hey, fifty million Frenchmen can't be wrong,

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