Sideways Straddle

From this position, you can get amazing friction against your partner’s pelvis and thigh, providing the coveting clitoral stimulation that leads to intense orgasms for so many women.

How to do it:
The Sideways Straddle Sex Position is a variation of the cowgirl style with you facing sideways from your guy, straddling one of his legs.

Why You’ll Love It
The Sideways Straddle Sex Position is perfect for grinding action, if that’s your cup of tea. You are in control of both the pace and how much pressure your clit gets.

Yes, it seems peculiar at first, but the sheer novelty of it can be quite arousing.

Tips and Tricks:
Change up your movements. Do some bouncing, some swiveling even some rocking and rolling.

What the hell, go coconuts!

The variety will keep things from getting monotonous and amp up the pleasure for both of you.