From Behind


It’s the dirty sexual position women fantasize about more than any other! Doggy style, rear entry – whatever it’s modern name – this Kamasutra pose hits the spot.

There’s nothing like doggy style sex for deep penetration, but if you really want to ring her bell, try the sexy version found in The Perfumed Garden. Position her lying face down with a pillow under her stomach and legs together.

Every thrust will pleasure her g-spot and the tighter fit will make her feel like you’re really filling her up.

Just remember to keep designated “love pillows” around and avoid using the ones you sleep on. You don’t have to go out and buy a wedge pillow designed for sex, but be sure to have one on hand that is comfortable and fairly thick.

From The Perfumed Garden:
FOURTEENTH MANNER (Coitus from the Back) — The woman lies down on her stomach and raises her buttocks by help of a cushion; the man approaches from behind, stretches himself on her back and inserts his tool, while the woman twines her arms around the man’s elbows. This is the easiest of all methods.

sex from behind

Play around with how you move inside of her, since subtle movements are best. Try short, quick strokes to massage the G-Spot area, alternating with long, slow strokes.

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Congress of a Cow

A perfect position for spontaneous sex – and great for feeding those naughty, anonymous stranger fantasies.

Doggy Style

Doggy Style is the favorite move for most couples, and for good reason! One of the best G Spot sex positions, the angle is perfect to make a woman orgasm.

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