It’s the dirty sexual position everyone fantasizes about! Doggystyle, Rear Entry – whatever you call it – Sex From Behind is our favorite.

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Sex from behind means the angle of penetration better matches the actual angle of a woman’s vagina, making it a great position for deep penetration.

No surprise, in a Women’s Health poll most couples list doggystyle sex as their top sex move, trumping old standbys like missionary.

Sex from the back also keeps your man’s hands free during sex. That’s awesome if you like him to touch your breasts or rub your clit while he’s inside of you.

  1. doggy style sex

    Doggy Style

    Any position where your man takes you from behind can help you explore the slightly more animalistic side of sex.

    All you have to do is get on all fours on your bed, the floor, or any other surface you deem fit, and entice your partner to fuck you from behind.

    He can increase the passion by grabbing a handful of your hair or smacking your ass.

    Experiment with the angle by either lifting or lowering your hips, and adjust your stance – by keeping your legs wide or bringing them in close – until you find the perfect doggystyle pose.

  2. rear entry sex positions

    Hot Seat

    From behind doesn’t always mean doggystyle sex.

    Fans of deep penetration without any acrobatics will love this sex position. He’s on a chair and you sit on his cock, facing away.

    You can use your feet as leverage on the floor to move at the angle and speed that you want. Plus, your partner’s hands are free to stimulate your clit or your breasts.

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    Try moving in a circular motion instead of bouncing. This move stimulates your entire vagina – meaning the potential for even more pleasure.

  3. sex from behind


    This is a world-wide fave and for good reason! By laying on your stomach and sliding one leg forward, your partner can straddle your lower leg and slide all the way to the A-Spot as he thrusts.

    Ask him to lick and kiss your neck, for next level sensations.

  4. sex from behind
    1. Spooning

      You and your partner should lie down and turn somewhat on your sides. You play the little spoon, while he’s the big one.

      After he enters you, he can hold you close in his arms and kiss your neck, triggering goosebumps and shivers of desire.

      Plus, he’ll easily be able to play with your breasts and rub your clitoris, making it more likely you’ll orgasm.

    2. sex from behind

      Face down, Ass up

      Get on all fours and gently lower your shoulders down to the ground so that your hands are no longer holding you up.

      From there, have your partner penetrate wherever you please.

    3. sex from behind


      Lie on your belly with your legs straight behind you and your hips raised. Have them penetrate you from behind.

      Your legs are close together in this position, making your partner feel bigger during penetration. You can also reach under yourself to stimulate your clit with your hands or a sex toy.

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      Rather than lifting your butt up the entire time you’re in this position, wedge a pillow or two underneath your hips. That takes the stress off your lower back and gives the best angle for super-deep penetration.

    4. doggystyle sex

      Helping Hand

      This doggy style tweak is all about making sure you’re taken care of, too. Start in the traditional doggy style position (where you’re on all fours, then sit up so that your back is pressed against his chest. The goal is to have your breasts and clitoris easily accessible for him to touch and stroke.

      Guide his hands over all your erogenous zones, including your clit, vulva, and pubic mound while he’s thrusting in and out and bringing you both to an explosive O.

    5. rear entry sex positions

      The Rider

      Your partner lies on their back; you straddle them, facing their feet.

      This position gives you complete control over depth of penetration, speed, and stimulation.

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      Plus, while on top, you get to incorporate your own fantasies. It doesn’t hurt that your partner gets a great view of your backside while you do what you please.

    6. rear entry sex

      Couch Surfing

      Sure, you could get up and walk to your bedroom to have sex. Or, bend your body over the arm of the couch as he fucks you from behind.

      This gives him lots of control, not to mention a great view of your backside, which is super sexy. All in all, a hot position for both of you!

    7. sex from behind


      This hot version of sex from the back screams “gotta have you now,” heat-of-the-moment passion, and the angle offers even deeper penetration.

      It’s simple enough to do, both of you are standing up. You lean over the bed, back of the sofa, or even a table with your feet on the ground. Your man bends you over and fucks you silly.

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      Spread your legs while your lover keeps theirs close together or vice-versa to adjust for height differences.

      It’s easier for the woman to hold onto something, or if you’re comfortable with it, he can hold your arms.

      rear entry sex positions

      As your legs remain on the ground, they will act as an anchor, keeping you in place so your lover can really give you some hard, intense fucking.

      Moves like this can be an exciting change from only having sex in the bedroom. It’s an easy way to jump straight into it and can do it wherever. Whether it’s in the kitchen, or living room, or even a public place.

      1. What’s your favorite? Is there a move we should add to the list? Tell me what you think in the comments below.

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