Face Down, Ass Up!

Doggystyle position needs no introduction, and really, any variation of sex from behind works for us. But the Face Down, Ass Up sex position is hot enough to deserve its own mention.

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How To Do It:
From the classic Doggystyle pose, lower yourself down onto your elbows. You can either go face down into the sheets, or turn your head to one side. Just keep that booty up high!

face down ass up position

Try arching your back to discover what different angles feel like.

If his movements feel too intense, sliding forward on the bed will put you at a shallower angle and make it more comfortable.

face down ass up

Hot tip:
Guys, up the domination factor. There’s something super sexy when a man takes full control.

Hold her face down by placing your hand around the back of her neck, or grab her arms and hold them behind her back.

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