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Sex Moves

Surprise your lover with one or more of these tricks the next time you get down and dirty.

how to eat pussy

How To Eat Pussy Like a GOD!

Explicit cunnilingus tips & expert tricks - everything you need to know to become a pussy eating champion. Learn how to eat pussy like a pro!
how to make a woman orgasm

How to Make a Woman Cum

Do you want to learn the right moves to satisfy your lover every time? This three-step guide will do the trick.
deep penetration

Go Deeper! Best Positions for Crazy Deep Penetration

Sometimes you just need a good, deep, intense boning Here are 5 sexy moves for the deepest penetration you can get.
how to ride a guy

How to Ride a Guy

Try any of these 9 tricks and make riding dick an insanely pleasurable experience for both of you.
kamasutra poses

12 Sexy Kamasutra Positions You Can Easily Master

Ready to spice up your sex life? Check out these sexy new moves you’ll both love!
deep spot orgasm

The Deep Spot Orgasm Method

Learn the deep spot method, and how this technique can give a woman a massive orgasm.
fingering pussy

The Art of Fingering

Your go-to guide to become a fingering virtuoso. Learn how to please a woman with your hands.
g-spot orgasms

Best Sex Positions for G Spot Orgasms

Try any of these 6 dynamite moves to give a woman a powerful, mind-blowing orgasm.
oral sex positions

The 10 Best Positions for Mind-Blowing Oral Sex

Give your lover the best head ever – 10 incredible oral sex positions guaranteed to satisfy both of you
cunnilingus moves

8 Cunnilingus Moves That Will Blow Her Mind

Oral sex is hot sex — and great oral can take your sex life to the next level. Add these moves to your repertoire to dial your cunnilingus game up a notch.

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