Whether you’re looking to please your lady or want to show your man a good time, brushing up on oral sex techniques is only going to make you a better lover.

  1. oral sex positions

    1. The 69

    The 69 oral sex position is where you and your partner to align yourselves on top of each other in opposite directions, giving you each prime access to each other’s genitals. Many couples find the dual pleasure incredibly erotic.

    Usually one partner lies on their back and the other lies atop them with their knees straddling the other person’s head. No matter your gender or anatomy, the 69 is a great oral sex position for women, plus those who are interested in blowjobs positions.

    However, this position isn’t without its (solvable) downsides. “The 69 position is actually trash for many people,” Sweet says. “It can be very uncomfortable to hold the position, and it can be very distracting to both give and receive at the same time!”

    Because of this, some couples enjoy this position by lying on their sides, which gives your neck a break. Or they do the 68, a variation where your partner lies on their back as you lie on your back on top of them with your crotch in their face. From that angle, you can tease your partner with controlled movements of your genitals through pressure, rhythm and depth.

  2. oral sex positions

    2. Sit & Kneel

    You sit; they kneel. Whether you try it to give a blowjob or eating pussy, the sitting oral sex position involves the receiver sitting at the edge of a chair, couch, bed, kitchen counter or any comfortable surface while the giver kneels down and pleases them orally.

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    To make this position more comfortable, the giver can put a pillow beneath their knees. And on the receiving end, people with vulvas can place their foot or leg on their partner’s shoulder to provide a deeper all-access pass to their genitals.

    An upside of this position is it also allows for a lot more mobility of both hands, so a spare hand can fondle the testicles or stimulate the vagina β€” or partners can maximize each other’s pleasure with a sex toy.

  3. oral sex positions

    3. From Behind

    While you lie on your stomach, spread your legs and arch your hips slightly so your partner can orally pleasure you from behind. (A pillow can help!)

    This oral sex position is perfect if want to pleasure yourself with toys or your hands at the same time. It’s also great for rim jobs.

    Because the giver isn’t arching, elevating, or extending their butt, this is a bit more comfortable than doggy style, but they can still access the same parts of the receiver’s body.

  4. cunnilingus sex positions

    4. The Classic

    Just lie back and take it. A perfect and comfortable oral sex position for people with penises or vulvas, this one is simple and straightforward: Lie back on a comfortable surface (typically a bed or couch) while your partner lies on their stomach in between your legs and pleases you.

    This is a very comfortable position for both of you. You can place a pillow under your hips to provide easier access to the parts you want to be stimulated. Feel free to bend your knees, keep them flat on the bed, or wrap them around your partner’s head.

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    6. Over the Edge

    There are different names for this oral sex position, but here’s how to do it: One partner lies on their back with their head going slightly over the edge of the bed. The other partner stands over them, leaning forward so their crotch sits directly on the bottom partner’s mouth.

    You can try this facing your partner’s body, so you can enjoy the sexy view and please them with your hands.

    This may not be the best blowjob position for her as it’s not very neck-friendly, but he can easily make it one by holding her head as he slides his cock into her mouth.

  6. queening sex position

    7. Queening

    This facesitting oral sex position should be everyone’s bucket list. It’s easy enough, she straddles the face of her parnter, who can then lick, suck, or kiss her pussy.

    What’s fun and sexy about this position is that it gives her more freedom to move and grind her hips. Plus, it creates a feeling of domination and submission, which can be incredibly erotic.

    To make this a blowjob position, have the receiver sit at an angle and “feed” their penis into the giver’s mouth to reduce any neck tension, gagging or discomfort.

  7. 8. Doggy Style

    Oral sex is great on all fours. Whether you raise your butt to achieve doggy style or you balance yourself on your hands and knees, this is a worthy oral sex position that’s possible for penis-holders but likely more pleasurable for vulvas or ass-eating because of easier access.

    As the receiver, you can spread your legs to let your partner’s mouth in deeper or keep them close together to experience a serious tease. When you’ve settled into this position, the other person kneels behind you and stimulates your anus or genital area, either with their mouth or sex toys. (Or both!)

    The neat part of this position is you can both control the paceβ€”they can control the level of pressure to apply, and by sensually moving your body forward and back, you can control how much of you they access.

    Pro-tip: While you or your partner receive, try wearing a butt plug to maximize your pleasure!

  8. 9. Standing Up

    Standing for oral sex can be a great position to assert a feeling of power.

    In this position, the receiver leans against a wall with their legs slightly apart and their pelvis pushed out, while the pleasurer kneels on the floor or sits. An oral sex position that works well for both men and women, you can enjoy this one anywhere, from the bedroom to the kitchen to the shower to the pantry and more.

    To protect your knees or theirs, don’t forget the pillow. And to keep your balance (especially as you get closer to having an orgasm), try to lean against a wall or door.

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    10. Head Rush

    It looks difficult because it is. My partner complains of neck pain if we are in this position for extended amounts of time.

    While it is extremely pleasurable because of how exposed and close she is to my face, it does stress her upper back.

    This one is best used after edging her close to orgasm, then pushing her legs up as she finishes so the blood rushes to her head.