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cowgirl sex position

Cowgirl Position

She has the reins, so it's no surprise the cowgirl sex position is the sure-fire way to hit the most sensitive spots.
hot seat sex position

Hot Seat

The novelty of the Hot Seat is something that will stay with you for quite some time. The angle allows for lots of g-spot stimulation while the tightness makes you both feel extra tingly.
kamasutra rider position

The Rider

Think backwards cowgirl with a twist. When you find the right depth and the right angle, you're sure to be rewarded with plenty of G-spot induced shivers.
kneeling position sex

Face Off

If more intimacy is what you like, the Face Off sex position is perfect for you both to appreciate the feeling of connectedness and passion.
sideways straddle sex position

Sideways Straddle

Relaxed and low impact, the Sideways Straddle is nevertheless deeply satisfying, making it a great sex position for smaller guys.
double decker sex position

Double Decker

If you’ve ever imagined yourself fucking under a ceiling mirror, then The Double Decker sex position is something you must put on your “to do” list.
chairman sex position

The Chairman

Great for G-spot stimulation, the Chairman Position also leaves both your hands totally free for other endeavors.

Crouching Tigress

The best way to ride a man! The Crouching Tiger is a fun cowgirl style pose, great for amazingly deep penetration.
reverse cowgirl sex position

Reverse Cowgirl

Yes ladies, it is time to “Ride-em Cowgirl!” A variation of the familiar woman-on-top position, the Reverse Cowgirl puts her in control for maximum G spot stimulation.
lockdown sex position


IF you and your other half have been ordered to self-isolate, here's a hot new sex move to spice up the quarantine together.

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