Men love it and it’s an easy style for a woman to orgasm, but riding your man requires more technique than just bounce or grind.

Here’s how to do the cowgirl position and some variations on the familiar woman on top style to give you more pleasure.

how to ride a guy

Tie up your hair

It’s a lot easier to focus on all the things that make a perfect time on top if you aren’t constantly pushing your hair out of your face. This is especially an issue when you’re leaning towards him and it gets in between your make out session.

Bring a hair tie with you every time you’re planning to climb on top, and put your hair up to avoid distractions. Not only is this practical, it can be super hot. After all, now he has something to pull while y’all are going at it.

how to ride dick

Start off slow

You know how we always shit on guys for just going in and jackhammering us? It completely ruins the mood. But so does you hopping on and bouncing a million times a minute. Start off nice and slow to get used to what you’re doing and to get the vibes flowing, then change your pace multiple times throughout the session to add some variety to the experience.

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Also, think about it this way: if you start off slow, it doesn’t look like you’re getting tired by the end of your time on top. Looking sexy and in-shape? The dream.

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Grab onto something for support

Like every woman, I like to think I have thighs of steel. But sadly, I don’t. You’re able to go WAY longer if you distribute the work of riding him onto more than two limbs.

Depending on your position, brace your hands on the bed in front of you, his knees, or the bed frame to alleviate thigh strain. You’ll thank me later.

how to ride your guy

Alternate grinding and bouncing

There’s basically two different tactics you can use for your dick riding session: bouncing up and down, or grinding on his penis by rolling your hips.

A rotation of both of these feels best for him and you. The different sensations will drive him wild, and while bouncing hits the G-spot, grinding gives you major clit stimulation.

Switching positions can also help you use different parts of your legs to keep yourself balanced, increasing stamina.

Dirty talk elevates your game

Another way to really take your top experience up a notch? Talk dirty.

Since neither of you have your mouth up in something, being on top is the perfect time for it.

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Tell him how good it feels to be on him, really explaining in detail how it feels, or ask him to tell you how good you are at your game.

It’ll make the whole session much more intense.

how to ride a guy

Play with his balls

The quickest way to take your top from good to blow his brains out? Literally just reach around and fondle his balls. It drives guys absolutely insane.

Grab your tits and touch yourself

For guys, the only thing that’s better than feeling you on top is seeing you on top. Give him a show to really transform the experience for both of you.

Grab your tits and play with your clit because a) it feels good, but also b) it looks hot as hell.

Turn it around

Another way to switch things up and keep things sexy: Switch between facing him and facing his legs. This will allow you to use different parts of your legs, increasing stamina. But it will also give him quite the sight. Send him my email and tell him to thank me.

Don’t overdo it

There’s lots of pressure on top to be contorting your body in weird ways or performing Shakira-esque body rolls on top of your guy. Do what feels good and really focus on getting a solid rhythm that feels good for you and your partner. A good, consistent beat will feel so much better than some weird positioning ever could. And don’t forget to take breaks when you need them! This sex experience is about you too.