If you’re one of the millions of guys who have difficulty giving your partner an orgasm, this article is for you.

Would you be surprised to learn only 25% of women consistently orgasm during vaginal sex? This percentage is even less among college women.

A common reason women don’t always orgasm during sex is that there are misconceptions about what leads to a climax. Women need a lot of clitoral stimulation to get off. Men don’t… and unfortunately, not all sex positions deliver.

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Luckily, there are some easy variations that are sexy as hell and also guarantee her pleasure. Here are seven of our favorite sex positions for you to try … Any one of these will do the trick, guaranteed!

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  1. 1. Cowgirl

    Have your partner climb on top like she’s riding a pony. Mix up your moves between grinding and thrusting.

    When she’s on top, your partner has more control over rythm and depth, and she can easily touch herself.

    A thumb or a finger vibrator on her clit can help make orgasm easier.

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  3. 2. Face Off

    Sit on the bed and let your lover lower herself on your lap so you’re sitting face to face. She can then lock her legs behind your back.

    This intimate position is best if you rock back and forth instead of bouncing, but it’s good either way.

    I love how intimate Lotus feels. I can kiss my husband and get a lot of grind action against my clit.

  4. 3. Missionary with a Pillow

    Lay her on her back with her legs open and put two pillows under her butt. The extra lift will make entering her easier and will give her much-needed G-spot and clitoral stimulation.

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    When I put a pillow under my butt, I’m able to align my hips with my husband’s. This is called coital alignment technique, and it makes for easier orgasm.

  5. 4. The Eagle Position

    The Eagle Sex Position is a missionary pose where one partner lies on their back with their legs spread apart, or “spread eagle.”

    Lifting her legs up narrows her vagina and allows you to plunge incredibly deep.

    You can bend her legs, push them together on your chest, spread them apart, push them straight up… Since the tendons of the legs pivot deep in the pelvic cavity, moving them around will subtly alter the sensations for you both.

    When she’s groaning incoherently, you have a winner!

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  7. 5. Sex From Behind

    Just as the name says, have your lover lay belly down, legs closed, and enter her From Behind.

    Because she’s on her belly, you get very different sensations from any rear-entry position where she’s up on all fours. Plus, either of you can slip your hand in-between the bed and your bodies and rub her clit.

    Having a pillow under her hips makes all the sensations better for both of you because penetration feels so much deeper. For an added twist, she can cross her ankles and grip your cock by doing her kegels.

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  9. 6. Scissors

    Instead of laying on your sides like you would in the classic spoon pose, put her on her back and spread her legs. Slide in from the side with your legs between hers.

    This position is amazing for weekend sex or when you’re just feeling lazy. It’s also and easy pose to use a vibrator on her clit.

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  11. 7. Doggy Style

    It’s the most popular sex position in the world, for a reason. There’s something super animalistic about it that just makes me feel dirty in a good way.

    Get her on all fours and kneel behind her, using your hands on her hips to pull against your thrusts.

Master any of these 7 moves and she will be quite happy!

If you’re serious about giving a woman the most pleasurable orgasm filled experiences of her entire life, then I want to show you how.

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