The Best Sex Position for Female Orgasm (According to Science)

The internet is full of tips for women to have a better time in bed, but look for scientific research into how women orgasm and you’ll find very little.

According to ABC News, 75 per cent of women have never experienced an orgasm from intercourse alone, while a dismal 10 to 15 per cent have never climaxed under any circumstances.

The sad truth is that men have way more orgasms than their female sex partners. However, new research into the female orgasm has shed some light…

In a recent study of more than 11,000 heterosexual adults in the Czech Republic, participants were asked about the frequency with which they orgasm in 13 different sexual positions.

The most frequently used position among participants was the missionary position (face-to-face, man on top). However, this position was unrelated to orgasm consistency in women. By contrast, the cowgirl position was linked to more consistent orgasms.

best sex position for female orgasm

But there’s quite a bit of data to suggest that when it comes to actually bringing a woman to orgasm, plain old penis-in-vagina intercourse just ain’t gonna do the trick. The reason, according to experts? Not enough clitoral stimulation.

Let’s be clear about this right off the bat: Every vagina is unique, and every woman likes something different in bed, but most women need a combination of penetration and clitoral stimulation to orgasm.

Only one other position was linked to orgasm consistency in this study: the sitting, face-to-face position, in which both partners are sitting upright with the woman on top.

cowgirl sex

Both the sitting and cowgirl positions afford more clitoral stimulation because her clit gets more direct contact or friction from her partner’s body during intercourse.

Researchers also found that the rear entry or doggystyle position was actually linked to less consistent orgasms in women. 🙁

So there you have it. For heterosexual women who find it difficult to reach orgasm consistently through penis-in-vagina intercourse, finding ways to add clitoral stimulation is very important.

make her cum

As always, different people may prefer different methods or techniques. Feel free to use your hands, your partner’s hands, a sex toy or vibrator, or one of the three positions discussed above (cowgirl, sitting face-to-face, and missionary). Try different things. See what works best for you and what you enjoy most.

However, the key takeaway here is that the sex positions couples most frequently use aren’t the one most likely to make a woman cum. If that’s happening to you, try this.