7 Missionary Poses That Are Anything But Vanilla

It’s one of the most loved sex positions and also the most common! According to a survey by Skyn Condoms, Missionary Style is the #2 sex position for most couples, right behind Doggy style.

After all, what’s better than than missionary style for enjoying intimate eye contact with your partner, right?

Missionary is our favorite sex position because it can be — and often is — the best. Still, it gets an unfair rep as boring, vanilla sex.

Missionary sex *is* basic, but that doesn’t stop us. We know what’s good.

missionary sex

Missionary is an easy pose for a wide range of people because it doesn’t require much in the way of strength, flexibility, or agility.

Plus, when you’re in the missionary position, both you and your partner have an incredible view of each other’s bodies. It’s really sexy to see your partner moving and reacting to the pleasure they’re feeling.

Before you write off missionary sex as boring, try these moves to make it even better.

7 Hot Variations On the Missionary Sex Position

missionary poses
  1. 1. Missionary With A Pillow

    A little lift changes the angle of entry, and that can make a big difference.

    Place a pillow under her butt — either a sex wedge pillow or a regular pillow works fine — and try wrapping her legs around you for extra deep penetration.

    If you’re not looking for sex positions that require yoga flexibility, props and pillows can keep your bodies aligned in a pleasurable way.

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  3. 2. Coital Alignment Technique

    The CAT sex position gives you the best angle for vaginal and clitoral stimulation at the same time.

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    Shift up so that your hips are higher than hers. During penetration, stay all the way inside of her rather than thrusting in and out.

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  5. 3. Eagle Position

    This legs up missionary sex position is perfect for the deep penetration many woman need to have a vaginal orgasm.

    The Eagle Position is pretty self-explanatory. Spread her legs wide and hold them back with your upper arms for a sky-high missionary position experience.

    The concentration of the nerve endings close to the entrance of a woman’s vagina (the lower third) can provide pleasurable sensations that are often overlooked.

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    Drive her crazy by giving her just the tip. You do this by delivering shallow, quick strokes that only allow the tip of your penis to penetrate the entry.

    Warm your girl up and get her really wet, then when she’s begging for more alternate deep strokes and grind against her.

    This technique or the ‘grinding corn’ as its called, ensures a clitoral stimulation.

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  7. 4. The Arch

    The Arch Sex Position is a challenging pose that only select couples will be able to pull off, because you have to be incredibly flexible and strong.

    Have your partner use her legs to lift her lower body up off the bed (or floor, or couch, or wherever.) A hard flat surface can actually make it easier for her to hold herself up.

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    You can support some of her weight by wrapping your arm around her waist. Or you can use a pillow to support her lower back.

    The angle is perfect to hit all the sensitive spots inside of her, and your hands are free to give her clit extra attention.

  8. missionary sex position
  9. 5. Leg Lock

    Start in the missionary position, wrap her legs around your waist ankles crossed like a pretzel.

    Gripping with the thighs tightens her vaginal and pelvic muscles.

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    Take it slow when going deep, and penetrate until you can feel her cervix. Once you’re as far as you can go, use your hips to press slowly and rhythmically into her. You’re remaining as close to the cervix as possible.

    This deep penetration presses against the A spot with strokes that can bring about powerful, quivering orgasms.

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  11. 6. Jackknife

    Try putting one of her legs straight down alongside yours and raising the other leg so her knee is close to her chest.

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    Your thrusts will rub her in a whole new way and she can shift her hips to get a different angle going. Little shift, big difference.

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  13. 7. Legs Up

    Raise yourself from the classic missionary pose so that you’re kneeling, and lift her legs to they’re pointed straight up into the air.

    Rest her feet on your shoulders, or push her legs toward her head until you get the right angle. You can have very deep penetrative sex in this pose.

    Try holding her knees together for a tighter feel. Or hold them high and wide and give her a real deep dicking.

Try any of these 7 moves and let me know what’s your favorite in the comments below.