Best Sex Positions for G Spot Orgasms

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best sex positions for g-spot orgasms

The Holy Grail of orgasm. Both mythical and powerful, g-spot orgasms reign supreme. Try any of these 6 super pleasurable sex positions and you’ll be a believer too!

When it comes to her having a G-spot orgasm, as much depends on her state of arousal as well as the moves you use to really hit that sweet spot. For her to truly enjoy G-spot stimulation, make sure she’s well aroused and wet from natural lubrication first. A few minutes of building the excitement will greatly enhance the pleasure.

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Take some time to set the mood — candles, a bath, nipple play, and more. Spend a few minutes on foreplay before you jump to the main event, giving attention to her vulva and clitoris.

When you’re ready to make her cum, these are the best sex positions for g-spot orgasms.

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Cowgirl is a fairly easy position to help you reach that spot. This move works by taking advantage of that upward curve in his penis that targets the G-spot’s location.

The G-Spot is about three inches inside her vagina, right where the front wall feels round and puffy.

Try gyrating and moving in different rhythms and angles to find the position that rubs that spot. Ask your partner what feels good and what’s working so you can give her the most amount of pleasure.


Not only is doggy style a fan favorite, but believe it or not, when you enter her from the back (with penis, dildo, or fingers), you’re actually poised to slide right up against her secret spot as you move back and forth.

To make sure you’re getting the most out of this position, try angling your bodies in different ways to hit the G-spot. For example, start off with her on all fours and see how that feels, and then lower her chest all the way to the bed while she arches her back, pushing her vulva against your movements.

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Done too soon? Don’t worry. If you finish too fast, remember a woman’s refractory period is super short, and she can come again and again in completely different ways within minutes.

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Missionary With Legs in the Air

This position is a twist on missionary that is meant to target the G-spot.

Rather than getting into standard missionary, position yourself so you’re on your knees, pick her legs up and put them over your shoulders. Tilting her pelvis allows you to reach her G-spot more easily.


For a more intimate way to reach the G-spot, get snuggly on your side.

Penetrating from behind, he’ll be able to reach her G-spot directly. Bonus points: spooning will give you plenty of access to stimulate her nipples, clitoris, and other fun spots at the same time.

X Marks the Spot

To hit the G-spot, lay your partner on her back (even better if it’s on a flat surface like a table or counter) and enter her while standing up. Lift her legs and cross her ankles in an “X” so they rest on opposite shoulders.

This takes advantage of the natural curvature of his erection making it super easy to reach the G-spot. The “X” will also create a tighter fit for a little extra friction, too.

The Spider

For this move, he should sit on the floor or bed with his legs straight out, while she straddles his cock and leans back on her arms.

By leaning back, she’ll be able to easily grind against you at the right angle to stimulate the G-spot for the whole ride. Giving her some control over the position will help you get a sweet G-spot orgasm.

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