Spooning Sex Position

A wonderful addition to your repertoire, many couples love side-by-side or the Spooning Sex Position because of the intimacy it offers.

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How to do it:
The woman and man lie on their sides both facing the same direction, with man behind the woman. The man slides in and both partners gently rock to orgasm.


Spooning is a relaxing pose for both of you, plus both your hands are free to explore. She can play with her clitoris or guide your hand to wherever she wants to be touched.

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Why you’ll love it:
Staying close can feel intimate, but to spice it up and give her G-Spot some loving, have her bend forward and away so the angle is more like Doggy Style while on your sides.

spooning sex position

You won’t have a lot of room in this position to actually thrust in and out, but if you just stay inside her and push against the front wall of her vagina, there will be constant pressure against her G-spot.

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