Hot Seat

Maddy & Marco

The novelty of the Hot Seat is something that will stay with you for quite some time. The angle allows for lots of g-spot stimulation – always a good thing – while the tightness created from her legs being closed makes you both feel extra tingly.

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How to do it:
Tell your partner to lie back, propping up his head and shoulders with a pillow, and have him spread his legs slightly. While you’re facing the same direction β€” your back is to his face β€” lower yourself onto his hard penis.

Put your feet between his legs on the floor or the bed. With both your hands and feet controlling your motion, lift your behind up and down at a pace that feels best.

hot seat sex position

Why you’d want to:
Feeling but not seeing your partner lets you experiment with a fantasy or two. While you’re doing all the work, your man’s hands are free to massage your butt, back, neck, and other sexy spots he doesn’t always have access to.

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Hot hint:
Once he’s inside, alternate the usual up and down and swivel your hips in a circular motion. This position also allows for you to reach under and stimulate the base of his penis and scrotum.