Lazy Dog Position

Nata Ocean & Tommy Gold

The Lazy Dog Position is a modified version of the classic doggy-style pose which leaves everyone’s hands totally free to roam all over, and the angle allows for some seriously deep penetration.

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How to do it:
Instead of being on your hands and knees, as you would for traditional doggy style, lower yourself down while your partner penetrates you from behind.

How far down? You can lower yourself so you’re flat against the bed, with your partner on top of you. It’s not only lazy, but this modified doggy style is more intimate and really hot. What more could you want?

Why you’ll Love it:
This is one of those she can just lay there and enjoy her lover doing all the work. Of course, you can make a little more intense by closing your legs and clenching your vaginal muscles, giving him a tighter fit.