Elephant Posture

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If you’re looking for new, exciting ways to make love, look no further than the animal kingdom, says the author of the Kama Sutra.

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The Elephant Posture is inspired by the mating of elephants (except you won’t have to struggle with a penis that literally weighs a ton!) Animalistic, primitive, and positioned to hit super-sensitive spots, this one puts him in charge of her pleasure.

kamasutra sex position

How to do it:

  • She lies on her front on the bed, keeping her thighs close together, rather than apart.
  • She can lift her upper torso off the bed to get closer to him or lie flat.
  • He penetrates from behind, supporting his weight on his arms, straddling the outside of her thighs.
Izzy Delphine & Juan Lutro

Why you’ll love it:
Rear entry positions like the Elephant are fantastic for fantasizing because you can pretend your partner is whoever you want him or her to be!

Her hands are free to reach underneath, plus, he’ll hit the sensitive front vaginal wall with every stroke, so there’s more chance of a G-spot orgasm.

Hot hint:
The higher she tilts her bottom, the more sensation for both of you.

If you really want to kick it up a notch, she can cross her ankles and squeeze her kegels. This sex move from the Kama Sutra is sure to satisfy.