Camel Style


Get low, low low! Because she has more control of how deep and how fast, more couples are finding this twist on doggy style is the best sex position ever.

It’s easy to do and more more comfortable for her if you like to go deep. That’s not necessary though. At this angle, every thrust rubs all the right places.

She can stay still and let you have full control of the movement. You can hold onto her hips for leverage, or even pull her body back to meet yours. There’s something gritty, raw, and animalistic about it all that makes it so hot.

the best sex position

How to do it Camel Style:
She’s on her hands and knees with her feet together and you’re kneeling behind her. Guide yourself into her vagina as you bring her hips down, until her thighs and buttocks touch her heels. Raise yourself until the angle of your penis is downward toward her belly button.

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As any good lover will know, the entrance to her vagina is surrounded by strong rings of muscle. You will feel them undulate and contract around your shaft when she climaxes, particularly when in tight positions like Camel Style (with her feet together). By ensuring that both the first ring of muscle, and also the second are aroused before plunging in, you’ll help her to have a vaginal orgasm.

To get there, penetrate slowly to begin and limit your thrusts so that only the first inch or two or your cock is inside her. Encourage her to touch herself by putting her hand on her pussy to keep you from slipping out.

Bear in mind this may feel dangerously good to you, and the point here is that you want to last.

sex from behind

Do this until she is soaking wet and moaning beneath you… At which moment, she will be ready for whatever you want to give her to take her finally and fabulously over the edge.

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