The Clapper

The Clapper Sex Position is a doggy style pose that’s perfect for shallow penetration – which you should definitely try if you haven’t already. It’s ideal for both vaginal and anal sex.

A bit challenging for him, but equally pleasurable for both. With the Clapper you’ll be hitting angles that are otherwise hard to reach. The Clapper doesn’t go deep, rather it goes straight for the G-Spot.

How to do it:
She starts on on her knees, resting her upper body on the floor, with her legs pressed tightly together. Her partner then sits near her feet, sliding his legs around her hips.

Hot hint:
Suprisingly subtle changes in different body parts can make a big difference to how a position looks and feels.

From behind, many men grasp or slap their partner’s ass. That can be fun, but… It’s better if he extends his arms behind him for support. This way, he can balance himself better and thrust deeper.