Boys on the Side

A different twist on from-behind sex

boys on the side sex position

With the Boy’s On-the-Side, you can hit all those hard-to-reach spots. The unique angle of this sideways pose creates sensations that are sizzingly different.

How to Do It:
With your back to your partner, lie down on your side. Have him kneel next to you on the bed facing toward your head, so your bodies are perpendicular.

He slides the knee that’s closer to you between your legs and then enters you. You take the leg that’s on top and extend it out onto the bed, giving him a better view of your behind and the chance to hold on to your hips as he thrusts inside you.

Hot Hint:
To vary the sensation for you both, open your legs ever-so-slightly – just enough to give him access to your vagina. The closer together you keep them, the tighter you’ll stay, and the more friction he’ll feel.