Lay Back Jack

Vanessa Cage & James Deen

In the Lay Back Jack (aka “The Usual”) Position, the guy simply lays back while his partner performs oral from a lying position between his legs. All I can say is, if you are fortunate enough to be able to call this the Usual… you’re a Lucky Bastard!”

How to Do It:
Most important: make sure it is wet. Wet, slushy, sloppy blowjobs are the ONLY kind of blowjobs. Just like when he’s eating your pussy and driving you crazy with his mouth, it HAS TO BE WET to feel good. Use LOTS of spit, and LOTS more. Make it’s really wet with your mouth.

Give him the best BJ ever!

Next, the swirling, French-kissing technique is usually good. French kiss the head of his cock as if you’re in a porn movie… kiss it, suck on it, swirl your tongue around it, over it, under it, encircle it. Purse your lips and let it slip inside, and then swish your tongue all over the head.

Many, many guys like for you to vary it up, lick down their shaft, lick their balls, and suck on their balls.

A good blow job might last 5 to 7 minutes. Then, when you want to make him cum, if you’re not willing to let Face Fuck you, it’s best to still attempt to recreate the fucking motion, you know, open your mouth a little wider (so your teeth aren’t involved) and try bobbing your head up and down on it (or back and forth), letting it slide between your lips and into your mouth, then out again. Imagine you are a pussy, riding a cock, and you are trying to go faster and harder to get him and yourself off. That is the kind of rhythm you should be looking for. That will get him off.

Some other things most guys like in blowjobs:

  • Lots of lipstick never hurts: Some guys like no make up but just as many like slutty red or pink lips sucking their cock. Be his fantasy girl and use pink lipstick and suck it like you worship it.
  • Lots of eye contact: If you have his head in your mouth and you look in his eyes like you wanna rape him and fuck his brains out, the BJ will feel that much better.
  • Lots of spit: Spit on it and pull your mouth away, holding it in your tightly-clenched fist… let the strings of spit and drool hang from his cock to your lips, then suck it and spit on it more – that’s what a lot of guys like, and that’s how the pornstars do it.

When he’s coming, it’s best to just keep doing what you’re doing. That’s my best advice for that. If you don’t want him to cum in your mouth, then jack it really hard, pump it with your fist, and aim the cock wherever you want the cum – tits, face, tummy, guys like cumming on those places – but usually nothing as much as in your mouth.

So I hope that advice helps with giving a blowjob. Some last 5 minutes and are a prerequisite for sex, some last half an hour and are the main event themselves.

One thing to remember – VERY IMPORTANT: you should not give it without expecting it in return. There is nothing as heavenly as having him eat your pussy and finger your g-spot to a glorious, squirting orgasm. You should expect him to go down on you, preferably BEFORE you suck him off. It makes more sense – he makes you cum, then you make him hard and he fucks you. Or he makes you cum, and then you make him cum. Once the guy cums, he often loses a lot of sexual motivation.

If he’s not going down on you, make sure that he does. If he’s no good at it, ask me and I’ll tell you how to tell him how to make it really good. If he refuses to lick you and make you cum, well, you’re giving your BJs to the wrong guy and you can find someone that worships you and wants to give you pleasure as well as getting pleasure from you.