The Fusion


Want to know how to make your girlfriend orgasm during sex? Watch this video illustrating The Fusion sex position.

How to do it:
In this erotic variation of the Cowgirl, the man sits cross-legged and leans back on his hands. His partner woman sits on top of his legs facing him, and stretches her legs out around his torso. She then leans back and supports herself with her arms.

Why you want to:
Some couples love quickies, others prefer long, languorous sex sessions. The first is easily accomplished (especially for him), the second not so easy (again, for him).

Most men get aroused more easily and orgasm faster than most women, which is why slow sex is often better sex for her. This tantric sex pose lets her take charge, slowing things down or speeding up accordingly.

More Positions For Her Orgasm



The sidekick is the perfect position for slow, sensual love making. Having your body curved at this angle gives him deeper access, so even the tiniest guy can feel like a god!

The One Who Stops At Home

Being able to make intense eye contact adds intimacy to passion in this position, and her hips rising to offer herself to him ups the eroticism.

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