G Wiz Position

This sexy missionary pose hits all the right spots

Sweet Kat & Markus Dupree

The G Wiz Position takes its name from the G-spot, the small and sensitive area on the front wall of the vagina which this position famously stimulates.

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How to do it:
Lie on your back and put both legs on your partner’s shoulders, or just one if you want to mix it up.

By placing your feet on your partner’s shoulders or on his chest, you can adjust the angle to get the speed and depth you desire.

Your hands are free to wander to add some extra pleasure to the position, and a little extra clitoral stimulation with a toy or a vibrator can really make this one rock.

g wiz sex position

Why you’ll love it:
What makes the G-Wiz Position really awesome is when you raise your legs, it tightens your vagina, and he angle is perfect for the shallow penetration that hits the G-spot.

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Hot hint:
Take the G Wiz (or any position) up a notch by flexing your PC muscles. As they contract, your partner will feel a squeeze on his cock.

For maximum magic, tighten or pull in your PC muscles as he’s pulling out and release as he’s thrusting in.

This sex trick from the Kama Sutra mimics the contractions as you’re on your way to orgasm. Try it yourself and see. The sensations can be AMAZINGLY pleasurable for both of you.

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