Leg Lock

Got the basics of missionary sex down? Good. Now, onto the hot stuff!

Sensi Pearl & Bruce Venture

Looking for the perfect position for slow, intimate sex? Try the Leg Lock! This sexy variation on the Missionary Position is our go-to move for the deepest penetration.

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How to do it
Start in the basic missionary pose, on your back with your man on top, and lock your legs around him so he can thrust deeper inside you.

leg lock sex position

Why you’ll love it
With your ankles crossed, you can feel the entire length of your man’s penis and grip it tight, creating lots of feel-good friction as he thrusts deep.

Hot tip
Try placing a pillow under your lower back. Putting a pillow underneath you tilts your pelvis forward, giving your lover easier access to the G-spot and allowing him to penetrate all the way to the anterior vagina.

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