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pillow during missionary

Pillow Missionary

Missionary poses are the most common lovemaking position because it's so intimate. Here's an easy way to make this sex move even better.
butterfly sex position

Butterfly Sex Position

One of the best sex positions to make a woman orgasm, the Butterfly Position is great for amazingly deep penetration and G-spot stimulation.
eagle sex position

Eagle Position

With her legs wide and in the air, the angle is perfect for him to stroke her G-spot and for powerful, deep penetration.

Deep Impact

All that gyrating ensures that every thrust hits a new pleasure zone inside of you. The lower he goes, the deeper he gets. He may find spots you didn't even know you had!
deep penetration sex

Go Deeper! Best Positions for Crazy Deep Penetration

Sometimes you just need a good, deep, intense boning Here are 5 sexy moves for the deepest penetration you can get.
doggy style position

Doggy Style

The favorite sex position for most couples, and for good reason! There's something very primal about doing the deed from behind that brings out the animal in even the most mild-mannered of us.
pretzel sex position

Pretzel Sex Position

Of course pretzels taste good, but who knew twisting our bodies into one can make for such delicious pleasure.
banana split sex position

The Banana Split

Everyone’s favorite treat is also our favorite sex move! The Banana Split is a fun and sensual position you'll both love.
boys on the side sex position

Boys on the Side

The unique angle of this sideways sex pose creates sensations that are sizzingly different from typical from-behind intercourse because it puts you in position to hit all those hard-to-reach spots.
deep spot orgasm

The Deep Spot Orgasm Method

Learn the deep spot method, and how this technique can give a woman a massive orgasm.

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