Figure 8

This missionary upgrade can add tons of pleasure

figure 8 sex position

How to do it:
The motion is key to this maneuver. Start in the classic missionary pose with a couple of pillows under your butt. Have your partner enter you at a higher angle than usual, using his hands beside your head for support.

Wrap your feet and ankles around your partner’s calves to pull him in closer to you.

He should move inside you with slow, rhythmic figure-eight motions, deep enough so that you feel the the base of his cock grinding your clit.

This sexy Kama Sutra technique is also referred to as “grinding the corn.”

Why you’ll love it:
The sensitivity of a womans vagina wall varies in different areas, so by circling all of it, you can explore new hot spots.

Hot hint:
To double up the orgasmic delight, move against him in ever-widening figure-eight motions so he goes deeper and deeper, grinding against you in long, sensuous strokes.