Although it sounds like the name for a lower back tattoo, the venus butterfly technique is actually a super hot oral sex move.

Venus Butterfly refers to a sex technique that involves licking a woman’s clitoris and labia while penetrating her vagina with your fingers simultaneously.

If you want to know how to make a woman orgasm fast, here ya go!


The term “venus butterfly” was described with different names in various sex-ed books since the late ‘60s, but probably the most famous is The One-Hour Orgasm by Leah Schwartz.

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Mastering this pro-level pussy-eating technique will have your woman thinking you’re a oral sex superhero.

The technique itself is pretty simple: Licking and fingering her pussy at the same time pleases both her G-spot and clit. Trust me, this move will make almost any woman cum!

  1. 1. Get Her Wet

    It’s tempting to get right to the penetrative play when fingers are involved. That’s a big part of the fun, but it should still be the last thing on the menu.

    Remember, it takes about 10 minutes for most women to reach peak arousal. So take your time.

    Before fingering her pussy, you want to make sure she’s prepped and ready for it. Start too soon and it won’t be as pleasurable for her. Start way too soon and it probably won’t feel good at all.

    Squeeze her hips. Rub her pussy. Spread her lips open. Give her a few slow licks.

    Don’t rush to get your fingers inside her – you’ll get to that soon enough and when you do, she’ll be even more excited for it.

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    2. It’s All About Your Tongue

    You’ve built anticipation and heightened her arousal. She’s writhing around, ready for more.

    Use your tongue on her, slowly and gently to begin, using light flicks of the tongue around her labia, vulva, and clitoral hood. Avoid directly licking or kissing her clitoris for just a little longer.

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    Stimulate her labia with your tongue. Gently lick her pussy lips while you use your fingers to gently stroke her. Run your fingers around her clit and lightly circle the entrance to her vagina.

    Since you’ve been driving her wild with your teasing, her clitoris will begin to swell and look like a small, fleshy button at the top of her pussy where the inner labia join.

    Don’t slide your fingers in her until she’s prepped and properly wet.

  3. venus butterfly technique

    3. Pleasure Her Where It Counts

    Using your fingers and tongue on her at the same time creates a beautiful blended sensation. Lick her clit with a combination of small circles and long strokes and slide one finger inside her.

    The best fingering move is to slide the tip of your finger in and out of her vagina with only about two centimetres penetration – you can even move your fingertips in circles to trace the outer rim of the entrance.

    You don’t have to do anything too fancy. You can just slide two fingers in and out of her – as long as you’re licking her clit, that’s going to add a lot to the experience.

    But it’s even better if you can stroke her pussy’s most sensitive parts.

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    First, there’s the G-spot. Curve your fingers upwards to find that small, sweet spot inside her pussy.

    The G-Spot is a small bundle of nerves about four centimeters inside, on the upper vaginal wall. When she’s fully aroused, it will feel like a small bump inside of her. Gently rub around it with a circular, “come hither” motion.

    If you want to ramp up the intensity and maybe make her squirt, tap against her gspot instead of rubbing it. That can be a little too intense for some women, so make sure you’re not overstimulating her.

    Reaching her cervix is tougher. If she enjoys deep, cervical stimulation, straighten your fingers and reach as far inside her as you can.

Getting the Venus Butterfly Technique just right can take concentration, patience, a little coordination, and of course, practice!

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