Kivin Method

Anny Aurora & Oliver Flynn

The Kivin method is sideways cunnilingus. This unique position stimulates more nerve endings than standard oral sex, making it even more pleasurable for her.

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How to do it:
The person giving the oral will be lying sideways, while the person receiving is on her back.

Either side is fine, or, if you’re up for it, try both, since women almost always have more sensitivity on one side of their clit than the other.

kivin method
How to Perform the Kivin Method

Lying sideways allows your tongue to sweep across her clit and clitoral hood while applying pressure to the area between her vaginal opening and anus.

Use a side-to-side tongue stroke over the hood of the clitoris, while placing a finger on her perineum, or the “taint.”

With your free hand, reach up and rub their breast or chest. Extra credit for gently squeezing a nipple.

You can also use a hand to brace her hips down or squeeze their inner thigh. If you’ve got a partner who likes to be dominated, pushing-down action might work really well.

Finally, this is a great time to insert a finger. After you’ve been pleasuring her with your mouth for a little while, gently push one finger inside, and see how she likes it.