Upright Doggy Style

If you’re looking for something a little naughty to add to your repertoire, we highly recommend this variation on the traditional Doggy Style anal sex position. Although still considered taboo in certain parts of the world, anal sex is quickly becoming a more accepted part of people’s sex lives.

Ensure anal sex is fun by making certain that you and your girl are comfortable.

Don’t be afraid to communicate about sex and what you like; it’ll bring you closer together and enhance your sex life.

Best Positions for Anal Sex

The Backdoor

According to our women readers, backdoor sex is the number one position their male partners ask them to try. Check out this video demonstrating how to enjoy anal sex doggy style.


Contrary to what the name implies, there is no jumping or leaping involved in performing the leapfrog. Similar to doggy style position, this is one of the best sex positions for amazingly deep penetration.


A great change-up from the traditional Doggy Style anal sex position, the Jockey puts him at just the right angle for maximum penetration.

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