The Splitter

A comfortable variation on your usual legs up sex position. Try The Splitter and see how hitting her deep spot feels so. damn. good.

At first, this starts as the classic kneeling missionary position – woman on her back and the man on top. However the trick is for her to lift one leg and put it on his shoulder. This gives her something to push against as he thrusts, while aligning them perfectly so his cock slides from her G-Spot to her A-Spot.

kamasutra pose
Janice Griffith & Ryan Driller

Hot hint:
This position rates high on eroticism, but low on clitoral stimulation. She can add some buzz by caressing herself with a vibrator.

make any woman squirt
How to give any woman a g-spot orgasm. Watch Now!

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Swivel and Grind

Swivel and Grind

If you’re working with a little bit less than the average man, the Swivel and Grind is your friend. Try this twist on the classic missionary pose tonight.

Squashing the Deckchair

Made famous by the movie "American Pie," the Squashing the Deckchair position will give you amazing deep penetration, perfect for guys smaller than average.

Butterfly Position

The Butterfly Sex Position is perfect for the edge of the bed, couch, or just about any edge for that matter. So clear off the kitchen table and get ready for some fun!

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