Rear View

Aspen Stevens & Benjamin Brat

For men who sometimes (OK, often) enjoy watching her bottom rather than her face, this sexy pose could become a steamy staple.

How to do it:
He lies on the bed, legs stretched out and apart, and supports his weight on his outstretched arms. She lies back against his chest and pushing back against him for leverage, lifts her bottom and uses her hands to help him penetrate before settling into his lap and relaxing against him.

Why you’d want to:
Facing away from him, she places her bod in a fab fondling position. She can put on a show by touching her own breasts and clitoris, or he can easily reach around to do it himself. He’s also in a prime spot to nibble her neck and whisper horribly filthy things – or sweet soulful somethings – into her ear.

Hot hint:
By alternatively arching her back, then relaxing back against him, she creates enough friction to stimulate both of them.