It is an open secret that many men aren’t able to produce as much semen as they ought to, which can often lead to various issues from infertility, displeasure with their orgasms or even to the inability to please their partners. The failure to produce at least the average amount of semen can also have numerous psychological implications, including depression and a lack of libido. For the most part, women enjoy having a man that can produce a lot of semen, the more that’s produced and ejaculated, the better because it plays a major role in having an intense orgasm.

Unfortunately, many men are led to believe that there is no way they can produce more semen. Often the argument they hear is that the amount of semen the body produces declines with age; some men even assume it is genetic.

Fortunately, that isn’t the case, and there are quite a few things that men can do to increase the amount of semen they produce naturally. If anything, supplementation with supplements like Semenax can help get their volume up to the 3-5ml range.

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Semenax is a natural herbal supplement that is proven to increase semen volume when used as recommended. In this article, we’ll go over how Semenax works and if it works for most men reading this review regardless of their age!

What is Semenax?

Semenax is a supplement mainly made from herbs and minerals needed by the body to produce more semen. The supplement has been sold for quite some time and has, over the years, racked up hundreds of positive reviews from men who are satisfied with the results. However, readers should be cautious that not all supplements that promise to boost semen volume work because they might not have even half of the ingredients listed on the website. Many supplements reduce the quantity or the quality of the ingredients to cut costs but which makes them less effective.

The other perhaps more important thing to remember is that Semenax isn’t a drug; it is a supplement. Drugs work almost instantly, but Semenax requires a few weeks before men start seeing results. However, like a true supplement, there aren’t severe adverse effects associated with short or long-term use as it can be with prescription drugs. That’s why many people may want to use Semenax for a while before thinking about taking prescription medication, considering all the risks associated with their use.

A Detailed Examination of Semenax’s Formulation

Now to understand how and why Semenax is so effective, it is essential to examine what’s in the formula. We’ll start by listing and talking about some of its most prominent ingredients.

  • L-lysine: It is primarily an amino acid. Research into L-lysine use shows that when it is combined with Zinc, it helps to boost semen quantity and testosterone.
  • Zinc Aspartate and Oxide: Zinc is a potent volume booster, best known for being prescribed by doctors as a supplement to increase male fertility.
  • Swedish Flower: It has been used by traditional medicine for several centuries and is shown to positively impact male prostate health. In some cases, prostate issues lead to low semen volume, in which case improvement in prostate health translates to more semen.
  • Epimedium Sagittatum: When used in the right quantity, the herb can help increase blood circulation, which results in harder erections, intense orgasms, and pleasure, often resulting in more ejaculate.
  • L-arginine: It is an amino acid which, according to many studies, plays an essential role in semen production.
  • L-carnitine: An extremely important amino acid when it comes to male sexual health. However, in this formulation, it promotes sperm production.
  • Muira Puama: A well known herb that’s used in traditional medicine to boost libido and for harder erections.
  • Maca: A herb that, when used in the right quantities, helps harden erections.
  • Pine Bark Extract: It helps the body produce more nitric oxide. When the body produces enough of it (nitric oxide), that often means being able to sustain a hard erection.
  • Pumpkin seeds: Yes, these are your garden variety pumpkin seeds, but they have a proven positive effect on prostate health and semen production.
  • Hawthorne berry: A well-known herb that has been extensively studied and found to be helpful in ensuring harder erections. It also helps with other aspects of health, like increased blood circulation and improved heart health.

It is probably already evident to most people reading this that the formulation is all-natural and includes ingredients that positively affect the body’s semen production. However, it is essential to mention here that unlike other similar supplements, Semenax does not use fillers, so men experience all the benefits advertised and often sooner than with any other supplement.

Why Choose Semenax Over Other Competing Semen Volume Pills?

One of the primary reasons anyone would choose Semenax pills over other competing supplements is that it has been proven to work over the years. Review after review from men across the world can be found praising the product, and I’ve personally used it too. However, removing personal bias from the equation still leaves us with many people who have benefited from the product.

The other reason to choose Semenax pills over others is that it comes backed by a 67-day money-back guarantee. What that means is if you don’t see an increase in semen volume within this time, the product can be returned for a full refund.

Finally, there are no known severe adverse effects associated with short-term or long term use of Semenax. Just because a product is labeled, a herbal supplement does not mean there are no adverse effects. However, if any, a handful of people have experienced adverse effects and those were mild at best. Unlike other supplements, which have loads of adverse effects, ranging from hives to severe diarrhea, Semenax is relatively free of any adverse effects.

Studies Supporting Semenax’s Effectiveness

The one thing that stands out about Semenax is that herbs and minerals haven’t just been added to the formulation without thorough scientifically backing. Almost every herb, mineral, and amino acid added to the supplement have been scientifically studied and found to be effective at increasing semen volume, raising libido, and overall male sexual health.

L-carnitine, Swedish Flower, and maca root are just some of which have been extensively studied in various clinical settings. Furthermore, Zinc has also been extensively studied. Research shows that when combined with L-arginine, it (zinc) boosts sperm quantity and quality, making it the perfect male fertility supplement.

What Results Can Men Expect from Regular Semenax Use?

One of the questions that many men are probably asking is how soon they will start seeing semen volume increasing? As mentioned earlier, Semenax is a supplement, and unlike a prescription drug, it takes time for the body to absorb it and then start working as advertised. Also, since every man is different, the rate at which it is absorbed and starts working varies.

The one pattern we’ve seen is that men who are producing around 1ml of semen, for instance, which is a fraction of what they should normally be producing, will see an increase sooner than men who are producing around 2.5ml of semen. While both types of men will see an improvement, the men with much lower semen production will see an improvement first because they are a lot lower down on the scale. That being said, we’ve spoken to men who went from producing a little under 3ml to an impressive 5ml of semen in just a month of taking the supplement.

Many men using Semenax reported that they also experienced higher libido in addition to seeing their semen volume increase. Some men also said that after years of trying, they were able to get their partner pregnant. While Semenax isn’t advertised as a fertility supplement, it does improve fertility.

Most men will see a noticeable increase in their semen volume by the end of the second month. That increase in volume is only possible if the supplement is taken as recommended daily. Plus, results can be further compounded by adding a good diet and an exercise program to the mix.
How to Avoid Counterfeit Semenax Supplements?

Counterfeit supplements and ones that use similar-looking branding is a massive problem in the industry. Many fly-by-night operations bank on the success of famous brands and products like Semenax. In fact, Semenax is possibly one of those supplements that have been copied in so many ways that many people have no idea what to trust anymore. That’s one of the inherent challenges of buying any good supplement, and that’s why we suggest that you buy it directly from Leading Edge Health’s official website.

You will want to avoid buying Semenax pills from eBay or even Amazon. Even if the pricing appears to be cheaper for the product, which means you can save a few dollars, don’t risk it. In most cases, you will be buying a knockoff because Leading Edge Health does not sell their supplements anywhere else other than at the official website.

Another reason why you should buy Semenax volume pills from the official website is that you also get excellent support. The support team is available via email at any time you need them. They will answer questions about the pills and even make recommendations based on the issues you are facing. If you want a refund in the unlikely event, the support team can walk you through it.

Who Do We Recommend Semenax To?

We’d recommend Semenax to anyone who is unable to produce at least 3ml of semen. However, we’d also recommend it to men who aren’t able to get a hard erection, have little to no libido, and may even be suffering from low testosterone. While Semenax pills do not claim to address all these issues, they are a part of general male sexual health, which the supplement does a good job of addressing.

We’d also strongly recommend that any man over 40, regardless of how much semen they are producing, use Semenax pills. It will ensure that their semen and sexual health remain at healthy levels and that they don’t suffer from issues related to low testosterone and a lack of normal blood circulation.

Final Word – Is Semenax Worth It?

We would say that Semenax Volume Pills are certainly worth every dime they cost. Sure, they aren’t as expensive as prescription drugs or some other supplements, but they offer the best value for money. Dozens of men we’ve spoken to throughout the course of drafting this review have testified that Semenax works for them and has changed their lives. Plus, as mentioned earlier, we’ve used the pills ourselves and have seen dramatic improvements in our sexual health.

Semenax is a supplement, and like all supplements, the herbal formulation does not start working instantly; that’s why it is essential to set realistic expectations. Use Semenax volume pills for around three months before you make up your mind to discontinue it. However, most of all, you should use it every day as recommended. Don’t worry if you miss a day because of a busy schedule but continue from where you left off the next day; there is no need to stop taking it to reset your dose.

Finally, there are no severe adverse effects associated with Semenax volume pills supplement, so as long as it is taken as recommended. The four capsules/pills a day is more than enough for any man. It has more than enough zinc, and the formulation is potent enough to start driving results sooner than later. That’s why we don’t advise taking more because it isn’t going to work any faster.

If you have a pre-existing condition like diabetes, heart, or issues with your lungs, make sure to consult with a doctor before taking Semenax. Only take Semenax if your doctor allows you to take it, and if it isn’t conflicting with your prescription medication. Even then, if they are issues, return the supplement immediately and get a refund. After all, that’s the beauty of buying a genuine supplement from a reputed brand.

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