Best Positions to Make Women Orgasm


Choosing the right position is crucial for helping her climax during sex.

Why do I say this? Less than one-third of women orgasm during sex, either sometimes or most of the time.

Think about that. Only one in three.

There’s also a big gap between the number of times women climax and how often their partner THINKS they did.

A recent study from Indiana University’s Center for Sexual Health Promotion found that while 64 percent of women reached orgasm during their last sexual experience, 85 percent of men believed that their partner has climaxed.

We know you good fellas would hate to be the reason a women leaves a sexual encounter with anything less than that “glow,” so we’ve pulled the 6 best sex positions from Eve Kingsley, author of Just F*ck Me!, to help you help her get off.

Good luck out there guys.

Best Sex Positions for Female Orgasms


Yeehaw!! Cowgirl is THE best sex position. This one is all about the girl and how she moves her body. Perfect for clitoral stimulation – the more she leans forward, the better the friction.

Doggy Style

Doggy Style is the favorite move for most couples, and for good reason! One of the best G Spot sex positions, the angle is perfect to make a woman orgasm.

Missionary Position

It's the most common of all positions and may seem boring, but Missionary does provide a sense of intimacy and can be a good place to start before moving into something more adventurous.

The Butterfly Position

Great for both amazing deep penetration and g spot pleasure, the Butterfly is the best sex position to make a woman orgasm during intercourse.

The Arch

Guys, if you're looking for a sex position to make a woman orgasm, the Arch really is a can’t miss. Seriously, if it doesn't happen with this one, well ...

Muff Diver

Time to go on a diving adventure and dive deep into that sweet muff! You’re searching for the golden treasure and it’s there for the taking.

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