Downward Dog

eat pussy

Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about sex acts while watching women assume yoga poses. The Downward Dog, in particular, is a position practically designed to eat pussy.

The Downward Dog Technique

Make sure she is on the cushy mat on hands and knees.

Help her stretch her arms in front of her and relax her upper back between the shoulder blades. She should straighten her legs with her ass in the air. Kiss her naked back and lightly caress her breasts.

Place your hands loosely on her hips, put your well-lubed hand between her lips, and tell her how good your hand feels between her legs.

Get down on your knees. Put your head in her beautiful ass, stick out your tongue, and lick. Extend your tongue further to part her labia.

Continue to lick that beautiful ass, run your finger over her clitoris with one finger, and stimulate her vaginal wall and G-spot with another. Lick, rub, and stimulate until she reaches orgasm.