Crouching Tigress

Gabi Paltrova and Codey Steele

The best way to ride a man! The Crouching Tigress is a fun cowgirl style pose, great for amazingly deep penetration.

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In this variation of the classic riding sex position, the man lies on his back while the women squats on top of her partner with her feet flat on the ground.

Many couples prefer the Crouching Tigress to the standard woman on top sex position. This position makes it easier reach all the right spots, plus, keeping a woman’s feet close together as she squats really makes things tight.

crouching tiger sex position

This squatting position really works the legs, and can get tiring for a woman. You can also help by supporting her with your hands. Try putting your hands under her legs or backside to bounce her, or balance her with a hand on either side of her waist.

If she needs a rest, place her hands on your chest or on either side of the bed.

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