The Arch

If you’re looking for a move guaranteed to make a woman orgasm, The Arch sex position really is a can’t miss. Seriously.

How to do it:
After he enters her in the traditional man on top pose, she raises her hips in a smooth, voluptuous movement, taking her weight on her feet and shoulders. He keeps his pelvis tightly pressed to hers, letting her movement push him up, until he’s kneeling upright between her legs.

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Because he’s upright rather than pinning her to the bed, she’s free to thrust, grind, and wiggle as much as she wants.

Keeping her butt high off the bed she grinds her pelvis in tight circles against him, or… he can penetrate just enough to hit the g-spot.

arch sex position

Hot hint:
As you can see, the Arch sex position really works her core and glutes. A pillow under her head will reduce the strain on her neck. If she needs a break, let her lower her body and lift her legs until she’s ready for more.

Deep thrusting can allow you to aim for her A-spot as well. That’s the anterior fornix, or the area just above her cervix. Few women will get off from this alone, but combining that golden trio of clitoral, g-spot and deep spot stimulation is sure to please.