Anvil Position

The Anvil is a killer move for that deliciously deeper penetration you crave. When you find the right spot it’s incredibly satisfying.

If you like rough sex with your man and feeling him dominate you, then try the Anvil sex position. It’s perfect for when you’re feeling submissive.

This can also work as an easy anal sex position.

How to do it
It’s also way more simple than it sounds. It’s just a twist on regular ol’ missionary position, with the person underneath putting their legs over the other person’s shoulders.

She should lie on her back on an ottoman or bench. He starts by placing both of her legs on his shoulders, varying the angle of penetration by moving her legs.

Because this pose will reach incredibly deep, start slow until you find an angle that you’re both comfortable with and which brings the best sensation.

Hot hint
If you can’t reach that sweet spot, try placing a pillow beneath her hips.

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