Spread Eagle

If a man masters one thing in life it should be this. The perfect cunnilingus position for a quickie or a long slow road to orgasm, in the Spread Eagle she can lie back and truly indulge in the pleasure of oral sex.

How to do it:
The tongue is strong and flexible, and contains more nerves and muscles than most other parts of the body. You can use it as a pointed spear or as a soft, flat spoon. Try a rapid flicking motion or a slow, long caress. Take advantage of this flexibility by moving your tongue around the whole area, using different actions as you go.

how to eat a girl out
Mia Malkova & James Deen (Source)

Hot hint:
Don’t dive straight onto the clitoris. The trick to make a woman orgasm with oral sex is teasing, and … you’re going to have to get your hands dirty. Move your mouth and hands around – remember, you can insert a finger or two into her vagina as you are licking. And don’t just lick; you can gently blow and Hum. Yes hum – it makes your mouth vibrate 🙂

how to eat a girl out

Maintain eye contact with her. If she doesn’t look at you, that’s fine, but every time she looks down and sees you watching her face while you provide her pleasure with your tongue it’s a major thrill.

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