Kamasutra Crab Position

This sexy and comfortable variation on the familiar missionary pose tightens her vagina and gives him the perfect angle to hit the g-spot.

From the Kama Sutra
“When both the legs of the woman are contracted, and placed on her stomach, it is called the ‘crab’s position’.”

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How to do it:
She lies on her back, bends her knees, and draws her thighs to her stomach — Like a crab retracting its claws. He kneels in front and penetrates, holding onto the front of her calves for balance. She can hold onto his upper thighs to help provide leverage.

kamasutra sex positions

She’ll be dying to stimulate her clitoris to intensify her climax. He can permit her do do as much or as little of this as he desires, perhaps allowing her fingers to hover over her exposed clit, but only lightly brushing the sensitive bud. She can’t fully stimulate herself until he says so.

Hot hint:
To deepen penetration, try putting a pillow underneath her hips.

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