The Art of Kama Sutra

Discover the secrets and learn an amazing array of Kama Sutra positions in this sexy video inspired by the ancient text.

Try standing or kneeling, lying or sitting positions to bring out the passion in your lovemaking. Learn how to give and get control in your sexual encounters.

Experimentation – with different positions, different locations, and different times of day – is one of the secrets to great sex. Learn about sensual touch and sexual massage. Find out what women and men really want in bed and beyond.

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Watch how attractive real-life couples demonstrate explicit oral sex, new sexual positions and G-Spot stimulation.

  • Ancient and new sexual positions
  • Sensual and sexual massage
  • What women and men want in bed
  • G spot and genital massage techniques
  • Domination and submission during sex

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What is the Kama Sutra?

In ancient India sense and sensuality were seen as two sides of the same coin.

kama sutra sex positionsSex was considered to be an integral part in the journey of life to be enjoyed without guilt. Sexuality was at the very heart of all Hindu culture, including poetry, art, and music. Ancient Hindu sages preached the importance of sexual love, temple walls and religious caves were carved with exquisitely erotic sculptures, and Hindu paintings detailed explicit sexual activities.

One Hindu text has famously stood the test of time to become the definitive practical guide to great sex: the Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana.

Wheel of Love

The Kama Sutra positions are usually presented as a catalog of exotic postures from which lovers can pick and choose when they are feeling a little adventurous. In fact, the Kama Sutra stresses the importance of seeing the positions as steps in a sexual dance, a sensuous pas de deux in which the lovers’ movements flow naturally and harmoniously from the first tentative steps of arousal to the passionate finale of orgasm.

kama sutra sex positions

Vatsyayana talks poetically of the wheel of love, the spontaneous, fluid and graceful movement of lovers who have lost themselves in their lovemaking, moving effortlessly from one position to another, in a motion of perfect physical and emotional harmony.

To reflect Vatsyayana’s teaching, this video presents seven sequences in which the positions flow naturally from one to another. All the Kama Sutra positions are included, and there are many others from the Ananga Ranga.

art of karma sutra

Admittedly some are a little crazy and practically impossible to adopt (the Wife of Indra springs instantly to mind). These have been included as curiosities, but it is not recommended that you try them unless you are unusually supple or double-jointed.

The majority of the positions are relatively simple and many, such as the Dog position, are probably very familiar for today’s couples.