The Stopperage

One of the best sex positions from The Perfumed Garden, The Stopperage is a raw, primitive pose which tends to lead to quick orgasms – hopefully for both of you!

How to do it:
She lies back and pulls her knees up to her breasts. He kneels in front and penetrates, holding onto the front of her calves to hold them together and for balance. She can hold onto his upper thighs to help provide leverage.

FIRST MANNER (The Stopperage) – Place the woman on her back, with a cushion under her buttocks, then get between her legs, resting the points of your feet against the ground; bend her two thighs against her chest as far as you can; place your hands under her arms so as to enfold her or cramp her shoulders. Then introduce your member, and at the moment of ejaculation draw her toward you.

The Perfumed Garden

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Why you’d want to:
This position gives super super deep penetration, so make sure it’s not a “sensitive cervix” day (don’t laugh, it really can be influenced by what time of the month is is!) Sheik Nefzauf’s advice about this position is that it should be tried only by men with a short or semierect penis, to avoid causing her pain. Raising her legs to her chest means a tighter, shallower vaginal canal; he’s thrusting straight down instead of at an angle which directly hits her front vaginal wall.

Hot hint:
It’s hard work on your legs and both of you may feel the need to stretch them out at some point. Switch to this one when you’re both on the edge of orgasm or use it as an erotic appetizer.