Small Penis? Problem Solved. Oh sure, size doesn’t matter but what if your partner is never satisfied in bed?

If you’re having penis-in-vagina sex, position makes all the difference.

Here are 6 fun moves that’ll help you get the most out of what you have so both of you feel more satisfied.

Small Penis Sex Positions

  1. small dick sex positions

    1 Eagle Position

    Any position where the woman is on her back and her legs are in the air works well for a smaller penis, Marin says. So, lie back and pull your thighs to your chest while your partner positions himself over you. Drape your legs over his shoulders for entry, positioning them on either side of his neck, or even over one shoulder.

    “If she crosses her legs at the ankles and rests those on his chest, that can work well because, again, it just creates a tighter fit,” Marin explains.

  2. sex positions for a small penis

    2 Prone Bone

    “Doggy style can work pretty well” for a more modest package, Marin advises. To assume the position, kneel on all fours and have your guy get on his knees behind you, or stand behind you while you kneel on the mattress. Controlled motions are key when it comes to smaller members and doggy style, according to Marin: “Have the guy focus more on the depth of his penetration rather than trying to pull all the way out, because doggy style can lead to slippage.” Bonus: From this position, he has easy access to your clit.

  3. sex positions for a smaller penis

    3 Face off

    Any position that has the two of you chest-to-chest and crotch to crotch, like this one, could work “really, really well,” Marin says. To achieve this one, have your guy sit on the edge of a bed or stable surface and straddle him, grinding against him while seated in his lap. Not only is grinding a surer bet for keeping his penis in place, it should give you some clitoral stimulation as well.

  4. positions for smaller penises

    4 Cowgirl

    “Woman-on-top positions can be good because they lead to a lot of deep penetration,” Marin notes, adding that some smaller guys may feel a little anxious about slippage when they’re not in control of the motion. If your partner has a hard time focusing on anything but keeping his penis inside you when you’re on top, maybe try grinding or stirring motions rather than pumping up and down.

  5. best positions for smaller penises

    5 Seashell

    Similarly to the knees-to-chest position, the seashell works well because it allows for super close PIV contact—and your partner can grind or move in a circular motion, rather than thrust. Lying on your back, curl your pelvis up and your legs back toward your shoulders, spreading them in a V. Have your him enter you straight down, and if you can, narrow the space between your legs for a tighter fit. Or, depending on your flexibility, move both to one side of his collar bone.

  6. small penis positions

    6 Buttferfly

    “If you have a high bed or maybe a table or a countertop that’s safe for having sex on,” Marin advises, try having sex with your partner standing in front of you, while you lie back on your surface of choice. It’ll align your pelvis and give him more control, and you can also cross your ankles over one of his shoulders for a more snug sensation.