How to Actually Get a Bigger Dick

how to get a bigger dick

If there was a magic button that could make your dick bigger would you push it?

Of course you would. You’d smash the hell out of it!

If you’re the average guy and you want to make your junk a little more impressive, then read on. I’m about to give you an insider secret from the adult entertainment industry – a method many male strippers and porn stars use every day, and which you can use to get a bigger, thicker erection within minutes.

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The Secret to A Porn star Penis

First off, let me give this to you straight.

There is nothing that will let you grow 3-4 inches over a few days, and certainly nothing as easy as just taking a male enlargement pill and magically growing a bigger dick.

ANYONE that tells you differently is trying to SCAM you out of your hard-earned money. Period.

Think about it. If pills worked, every guy would have a dick down to the floor. – Johnny Sins

Of course, there are some things you can do right now that will make your dick *look* bigger.

For example, most porn stars trim their pubic hair close or shave it entirely. A little manscaping will definitely improve the visuals.

Losing weight will also make your penis bigger. “If you lose 35 pounds, you are gaining one inch of penis length,” according to Dr. Oz.

But if you want to know the trick that porn stars use to get a bigger, thicker cock, then watch this.

How to Enlarge Your Penis

Scott Taylor demonstrates using a penis pump to increase size in this classic 80s educational (?) video.

Source: Dr Joel Kaplan

It’s true. In 15 minutes you *can* have a noticeably bigger dick – using a penis pump.

Perhaps you had assumed that penis pumps were merely novelty items, sold mostly by email spammers and in sex shops. If so, you might be interested to learn that they’re actually a legit medical treatment for erectile dysfunction, especially as an alternative to taking pills.

Penis pumps work by creating a vacuum around your cock. As the air is pumped out of the cylinder, the suction draws blood into the erectile chambers, engorging the shaft of your penis to its maximum capacity.

Thanks to the elasticity of the tissues in the penis, there is always room for growth.

Johnny SinsUsing the right pump, you will see an incredible increase in both the girth and the length of your penis, and you’ll feel as hard as a rock!

There are different types of pumps. Some work by pumping air. Newer, better designs use water.

Unfortunately, two-thirds of the pumps advertised on the internet and sold in novelty stores are just toys. They’re crap. You won’t get the vacuum you need, and many don’t have some important safety features. Please don’t waste your money on something that won’t work. Spend a few bucks and get one that will.

From my experience and that of millions of men who’ve used these devices, the most effective way to pump is in a warm bathtub or shower. As any guy knows, hot water makes the tissues expand. Water pumping is also a lot more comfortable and easier to clean up.

That’s why the Bathmate Hydro Pump is clearly the best choice, and the only product I recommend. Bathmate pumps are designed to use in the tub or shower to make your pumping session easy and so you get better results.

Remember: The main effect is largely temporary. Just be sure to follow the directions. New users risk injury if they over-do it.

For a visibly bigger, thicker dick within minutes, use the same method as legendary porn stars Shane Diesel and Johnny Sins.

Try the Bathmate Hydro pump yourself for 60 days, risk-free. To take advantage this great offer click here.

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