How to Fuck Like a Pornstar

Every guy knows how to fuck, but it's not every guy that can fuck like a porn star.

AVN Performer of the Year Lauren Phoenix reveals the secrets for amazing orgasms and lasting longer.

From the cover: “Enjoy hot vaginal and anal orgasms daily! … The intimate guide to the best fucking sex ever! Secrets Revealed!”

Party like a rock star. Fuck like a porn star. 🙂

I don’t really think I could recommend this to anybody who came to me looking for a sex ed video, but what the hell. It’s got a great title.

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Fuck Her Like a Pornstar

First, the disclaimer: Remember that the women in pornography are acting. They are pretending to enjoy what they are experiencing. Pornography is produced to please the buyer – men – and to show men what they want to see. They are not about reality.

You shouldn’t assume that your girlfriend or wife will want you to act the way you see in pornography. Don’t use pornography to learn to be a better lover.

Still, the availability of pornography on the Internet has changed the way women view sex. Women enjoy watching porn too.

Follow these tips and you can tap into her fantasies, and make your next session a memorable AVN-award winning performance.

  1. Direct the scene

    When you fuck a woman, you are taking her. You are overcoming her and making her yours. You are expressing to her who your are as a man.

    She’s hoping that you’ll know what to do with her body. Don’t make the mistake of asking her what’s her favorite position. Act with full confidence that you know what you’re doing. Fuck her as you please.

  2. Talk Dirty to Her

    Male performers make a little noise, even if it’s just moaning, to tell their partner how good she feels.

    When you talk dirty, you’ll definitely influence her fantasy. Thinking of the right words to say can sometimes be difficult when you’re getting down and dirty.

    For the porn star experience, try simple phrases like “I love fucking you,” or “Your pussy feels so tight.”

    Yes Yes Yes! As long as its not scary over the top screaming like a banshee lol I think its the sexiest thing ever if a man growls a little or moans, means Im doing my job right.– Ana, 27

  3. Get a Little Rough

    Do it like it’s her audition. Pull her hair when doing some doggy. Hand wrapping it close to the scalp and gently pulling it with a given consistency gets her wetter and more open to the moment!

    Spanking her will definitely work.

    You can even try choking her. Well, this should be done with a lot of care. First, you need to ensure that she’s okay with the whole idea. If she freaks out, then she may not be ready for it.

  4. Try Extreme Positions

    She’ll definitely get frustrated switching positions every two minutes, so don’t!

    Start with something simple, like doggy style. She’ll love the deep strokes and dominance. Then move to a position like Butterfly, Pearly Gates, or Lotus.

  5. Don’t Pop Too Soon

    With porn films, you don’t know how many times the scene was stopped and started, or how long the guy really lasts. For some scenes he might cum more than once.

    If you’re up for that, good for you, but the idea of ‘endurance’ is different for men and women.

    For a number of women, more than ten minutes of pure jackhammer action is just too much. But to fuck her like a porn star, you should be able to control your dick and last 7 to 10 minutes.

    There really isn’t any secret to lasting longer. Just practice. Practice, practice, practice.– Logan Pierce

    If you think you’re about to blow before you need or want to, focus on your partner. Go down on her for a little bit and catch your breath. Take a break from the thrusting. Have a drink, even.

  6. Make Her Cum

    Stroke her face and body with your fingers while you fuck her. Hold her face. Touch her earlobes. Kiss her mouth. Play with her body as you like, and when you’re ready, make her orgasm.

    fuck like a porn star

    STOP: If you want to be able to give any woman mind blowing, toe curling orgasms on demand, read this NOW!!

    Porn’s purpose is not for the female performers to have the most enjoyable sex possible and have real orgasms. Porn’s purpose is entertaining an audience.

    That doesn’t mean that porn sex is not enjoyable for the talent. To fuck like a porn star means you’re a performer.

    Give the best, most real performance you possibly can. It’s way more exciting for the audience when the orgasms are real.

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  7. The Money Shot

    Cum on belly, cum on tits, or cum inside, before you get this far, you should agree on where you’ll finish. One thing is expected if you’re going to fuck like her like a porn star: Blowing a massive load!

There you have it. Master these moves and you’ll be her pornstar.

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