How to Fuck Like a Pornstar

Every guy knows how to fuck, but it's not every guy that can fuck like a porn star.

how to fuck like a porn star

AVN Performer of the Year Lauren Phoenix reveals the secrets for amazing orgasms and lasting longer.

From the cover: “Enjoy hot vaginal and anal orgasms daily! … The intimate guide to the best fucking sex ever! Secrets Revealed!”

Party like a rock star. Fuck like a porn star. 🙂

I don’t really think I could recommend this to anybody who came to me looking for a sex ed video, but what the hell. It’s got a great title.

Download this porn education video or buy the DVD at AdultDVDEmpire. To learn 7 great techniques for you to be able to fuck like a real pornstar, read on!

Fuck Her Like a Pornstar

First, the disclaimer: Remember that the women in pornography are acting. They are pretending to enjoy what they are experiencing. Pornography is produced to please the buyer – men – and to show men what they want to see. They are not about reality.

You shouldn’t assume that your girlfriend or wife will want you to act the way you see in pornography. Don’t use pornography to learn to be a better lover.

Still, the availability of pornography on the Internet has changed the way women view sex. Women enjoy watching porn too.

Follow these tips and you can tap into her fantasies, and make your next session a memorable AVN-award winning performance.

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