With everyone home and hanging around the house, stolen moments of intimacy can be increasingly hard to come by. If you have no privacy or you’re just after something different, a steamy romp in the car might be what’s needed.

When it comes to the most common fantasies people share, having sex in “unusual places” and in “romantic locations” always top the list. Doesn’t sex in a car fit both those bills?

Yes, you could stick to good ol’ missionary across the back seat, but any one of these 8 car sex positions will make the experience pretty damn good, maybe even better than sex on a bed. Just make sure you’re not in anyone’s view!

car sex

Doggy Style

Back seats are actually great for doggy style because both you and your partner can kneel on the seat, and maybe even use the center console as a support. To help hold yourself up, lean your hands against the window you’re facing. And, maybe go ahead and crack that window, too, while you’re at it. Things are going to get hot and heavy real quick.


This is probably my go-to car sex position. Sit upright in the back seat and have your partner straddle you.

This woman-on-top position gives her control over the speed and tempo, and since you’re facing each other, you can hold eye contact and kiss for extra closeness.

Back Door

If you’re in a deserted area where no passersby can see you, open one of the side doors. Bend her over the backseat, so her ass is available from outside. From there, it’s standing doggy style.

This is just hot as hell. No other way to describe it. You can thrust hard in this position, which you can’t do in every other car sex position due to lack of space.

car sex

Legs in the Air

This position is not only awesome for an orgasm, but it also ensures you won’t be so squished in the back seat. The vertical angle allows the receiving partner to take up less horizontal space, giving the penetrating partner space to kneel and thrust.

Road Head

I think we all know how this is done. The person in the passenger’s seat bends over and goes down on the driver. WARNING: Please don’t actually do this while driving!

If you’re into playing with power dynamics, this position is perfect. He can incorporate some light hair pulling or even spanking from their spot in the driver’s seat.

Backseat Driver

Flip the front passenger seat forward and push it as close as possible toward the dash. Then sit in the passenger-side backseat and let her climb on top of you reverse cowgirl style.

car sex

Mutual Masturbation

While you’re both sitting in the front seats, manually stimulate each other with a good old fashioned handy or fingering moment. You can twist your bodies to make out while you’re pleasuring each other.

Who doesn’t love a handjob? This is great, especially if you don’t have a lot of time and both want to get off quickly.

Sideways 69

It’s like 69, only you both are on your side. Simple enough to do with the car seats folded down in the back.

A great position if you two are into oral.


With the backseats folded flat, go ahead and go to town in the spooning sex position.

Spooning sex is ideal because you and your partner take up minimal space since your bodies are smushed together.

car sex

Splitting Bamboo

This Kama Sutra sex position creates intense clitoral stimulation and super deep penetration. Plus, you and your partner get a full look at each other’s bodies — something that most car sex positions can’t do.

To get into the move, she should lay on her back in the backseat with you above her. Then straddle one of her legs and place the other over your shoulder.

Car sex is fun and adventurous — it gets you and your partner out of a bedroom rut and brings some novelty into your sex life.

Ready to give car sex a go? It doesn’t have to be awkward — as long as you don’t get caught!