Do you want to try chair sex and look for the best chair sex positions?

Whether you struggle to find the time or just want to try something different, sex in a chair is an excellent first step towards spicing up your love life.

The chair sex position genre is about as vast and varied as any other. Because — unsurprisingly — there are a lot of ways to do it on a chair.

You can have cozy, intimate chair sex. You can have daring, acrobatic chair sex. You can have low-key, lazy chair sex. You can be energetic, loving, aggressive, laidback—and every shade of gray in between.

Chair sex feels fun, and exciting, and special. It’s a break from the norm. We don’t need to travel long distances or spend exorbitant amounts of cash to get a taste of adventure. We can simply explore a space in our home in a brand new way.

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    1. The Chairman

    Are you frustrated because your partner is too busy to have sex? Or maybe you struggle to fit a lovemaking session into your schedule? If that’s the case, this easy woman on top pose can be your solution and a great introduction to chair sex.

    The Chairman works great in front of the TV. There’s no judgment here; sometimes, passive entertainment is the only thing you have the energy for after a long day. All you have to do is climb on your partner’s lap and get the deed done while he’s looking at the screen above your shoulder.

    This position is also a good option if you can afford to give each other undivided attention; make sure to involve neck kissing and back-scratching – anything that lets your partner know you adore his body! It’s also one of the best masturbation positions.

    Don’t forget to play with his balls. He’s going to love it!

    Have your partner sit in a chair with legs slightly parted and feet flat on the ground. From a standing position, straddle onto his lap with your feet touching the floor or knees bent.

    Hold onto your partner’s neck or shoulders. If you want extra support, you can rest your arms on a wall.

  2. 2. Lap Dance

    The benefit of this chair sex position is that your partner is entirely focused on you. Stealing glances while watching a game won’t do – he has to be fully present when you’re showering him with attention.

    As you’ve probably guessed from the name of the position, it works best in combination with a bit of teasing. Lap dance is the best kind of foreplay – it ignites the senses enough to want to rip each other’s clothes off but doesn’t involve much stimulation, leaving the best for later.

    To make it even hotter, you can add roleplay into the equation. It doesn’t have to be a stripper fantasy, but it works pretty well if you ask me. Discuss fantasies with your partner and agree on a preferred scenario or let your imagination run wild and surprise him with something that turns you on the most. He might not be into the same thing but seeing you aroused will make it onto a list of his favorite kinks.

    Don’t forget to play sensual music and create the right atmosphere with candles or Christmas lights.

    Lean forward and arch your back for deeper penetration

    The man sits in a chair (choose a seat that allows them to lean back).
    Face away and stand between their legs.
    You can grind on the penis (or strap-on) and over the whole body before sliding into the position.
    Keep your hands on the shoulders for a good balance.

  3. 3. Chair Doggy

    Do you fantasize about doing something spontaneous, yet you’re too busy with commitments to make it come true? The solution is a chair sex position that helps you combine work with pleasure: chair doggy style.

    In a perfect world, men would be able to read women’s minds and surprise them with mind-blowing sex. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, and the easiest way to have your needs met is to talk to your partner. Studies show that many women enjoy rough sex, so don’t be ashamed to admit it. [2]

    If you do, it opens the door to many possibilities. For example, your partner could come onto you while sitting at your desk and tease you. The chair doggy position is perfect for making this scenario work, as all your partner has to do is make you kneel on the chair and pull your pants down.

    This position lets you take a breather as your partner is doing all the work, so get in charge of the special effects and play a porn video on your laptop

    The woman kneels on the chair, resting their arms on the bottom or the top part of the seat.
    The penetrating partner then stands behind and holds onto their partner’s hips.

  4. 4. Seated Wheelbarrow

    The wheelbarrow position provides an angle that allows for deep penetration and reaching the G-spot. Unfortunately, the sex chair position also has some downsides; it requires physical strength and decent balance. And even though the lack of blood circulation as you’re facing down might be arousing at first, it can give you a nasty headache.

    But if you like the wheelbarrow as much as I do, the good news is there’s a variation that minimizes these problems: chair sex. While you still can get a headache from restricted blood flow, you don’t have to put so much weight on your wrists. Since it limits the hip movement, it’s best used as foreplay or if you’re still achy because of your period.

    If you’re into edging, you can ask your partner to insert just a tip of his penis and move slowly. It will be enough to prepare your vagina for some serious thrusting later!

    Face the same direction and have your partner sit on the edge of the chair.
    Kneel facing away from him and get into the plank pose.
    Lift one leg and wrap it around your partner’s waist, then have him help with the other leg.
    He can hold onto your thighs to make sure you keep balance and to help direct your hip movement.
    If you’re feeling steady enough, he can join in on the hip movement.

  5. 5. Chair Lotus

    Do you ever just want to wrap your arms around your partner and be as physically close to them as possible? Penetrative sex can make it happen, but chair sex positions like lotus take it to the next level.

    This favorite chair sex position is highly intimate. As it provides skin-to-skin contact, you can readily embrace your partner and kiss his neck. You can also stare into his eyes or pull his hair – whatever strikes your fancy. Go fast or go slow and experiment with different sensations. You can even try tantra sex that’s about deliberate intercourse and exploring your and your partner’s body.

    In addition, this proximity means you can witness each other’s orgasms which makes it easier to come simultaneously. I don’t know about you, but watching my partner’s face when they are about to explode is a significant turn-on for me!

    Your partner sits in a chair with their legs crossed.
    The vulva owner sits in their lap and wraps their legs around the waist.
    You can then embrace each other and sway your hips in synchronized movement or try to mix it up; grab your partner’s throat and have them squeeze your butt.

  6. 6. The Hammock

    The Hammock Sex Position in a chairChair sex positions can be a hit or miss because, let’s face it. You have to make sure you aren’t slipping and potentially falling on your butt. But in the hammock position, you can feel secure as you’re lying on your partner’s legs with your thighs squeezing his chest, making it one of my top chair sex positions.

    Apart from the intimacy, another advantage is the angle that allows for super deep penetration and G-spot orgasm. Your partner can also stroke your breast or choke you to enhance the pleasure. You can also benefit from direct clitoris stimulation; if rubbing against your partner’s chest isn’t enough, use a vibrator on your clit.

    While the position requires you to engage your neck muscles, you can always let your head hang to increase the blood flow and heighten sensations. If you enjoy this position but your muscles get tired quickly, use another chair for neck support.

    The man sits in a chair with his knees together.
    The woman climbs on top of him and leans backward, resting her back on his knees.
    She can squeeze the giving partner’s waist with her knees bent.
    The penetrating partner holds onto her waist.

  7. 7. Bowstring

    Bowstring sex position on a chair Bowstring requires a bit of flexibility, but the results are incredible; deep penetration and being extremely close to your partner. If staring into each other’s eyes isn’t enough, you can always try dirty talk. Depending on your preference, you can exchange words of affirmation or get a bit naughtier. “I love fucking you” goes a long way.

    Don’t forget to give enough attention to your partner’s body. Stroke his legs and grab his butt – don’t underestimate a good massage.

    Sit in a chair and lean backward.
    Have your partner kneel in front of you on one knee.
    Then, wrap one leg around his knee that’s resting on the floor.
    Lift the other leg and put it on his shoulder.
    He can lean forward to go deep inside.

  8. 8. Chair Oral Sex

    One partner sits in a chair, preferably an armchair, so they can lean back and relax.
    The other partner kneels in front of them and engages in oral sex.

I hope you enjoyed this list of the best chair sex positions and had fun without accidents (Remember, you try them at your own risk!). If you need more inspiration to improve your sex life, don’t worry, I have a lot of ideas. Look out for new posts (in between your lovemaking sessions, of course).

Thanks for reading my guide to the best sex positions in a chair!