Wanton Wiggle

One for anywhere! It’s time to let your fantasies become real as you take your woman wherever you desire. Don’t worry about getting caught – this won’t take long.

A variant of the Backwards Cowgirl position, the Wanton Wiggle is one of those sex poses that looks easier than it actually is.

How to do it:
He sits on a chair or couch (perhaps in front of the TV) and his partner gets on his lap, facing away from him. She can support herself by placing her hands on her knees or by bending forward to touch the floor.

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Hot tip:
For many women, being on top can feel awkward. “What should I do with my hips?” “How do I look?”

Ladies, forget all that for a minute and try this trick: Spelling out the word “coconut” with your hips when you’re on top during sex.

You may think it sounds funny, but this tip is actually extremely beneficial for literally everyone.

For starters, “coconut” is pretty easy to remember (and spell.) But using your hips to spell out the word when you’re on top requires a certain pattern of movement that will feel super good.

“The more motion you work into on-top intercourse, the more complexity you stimulate for yourself and your partner,” explains Good Vibrations’ resident sexologist, Carol Queen, PhD.

Try it tonight, and tell me what you think!